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Produce-RNB Releases "LOUD" Optimum Loudness Effect


Produce-RNB has released LOUD, an intelligent algorithm to detect your input signal and bring the audio to a target LUF level of -7, -9, -8 or -11, depending on which target you choose. Here's what they say:

LOUD's intelligent algorithms and optimized processing take care of the intricate details, ensuring your tracks reach the max loudness levels while preserving the dynamics and impact of your mix. LOUD focuses on increasing the LUFs of your track while doing it as transparently as possible. LUFs stands for loudness units full scale (LUFS) and these units do not measure the technical volume level but the perceived loudness. It intelligently increases the perceived loudness while maintaining punch and clarity.

"LOUD" empowers everyday producers to achieve optimum volume levels for their tracks without compromising on quality or sacrificing on the sound and feel of their productions.

By utilizing the LOUD plug-in on the master channel as they produce, producers can bring their music to its full potential and go from production to release immediately. Producers can always be sure their tracks are at the optimum volume, punch and clarity.

Price: $35.



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