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Signature Lite
Reviewed By Geralddee
August 3rd, 2023

One of the best plugins you can get for free! It has some really nice sounds in the free version. I'm super glad I downloaded this. Definitely had to get the full version. I had to leave a review on this because I don't know what that other guy on here is talking about.

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Signature Lite
Reviewed By charlesalbert
July 7th, 2023

One of the worst plugin I've ever purchased. Can't say anything good about it. Sounds terrible.

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In general, good, natural sounds, but in some aspects unusual controls. A manual would have been more helpful than a boring, amateurish demo video alone.

The reverbs sound good, work fine, also delay and phaser, unfortunately I cannot say the same about chorus.
With width at zero activated chorus reduces output level drastically, but chorus more or less sounds like a chorus should. But if you turn on width, you immediately get an increased output level, combined with a lot of metallic, synthetic noise, which to me sounds like a combination of ring modulator and comb filter, but hardly has anything to do with my idea of a chorus, rather damages the whole sound in my opinion.
Widening for me is something different. A good sounding chorus even more.

Therefore the chorus section needs an upgrade, as it is, it is more or less unusable in my opinion, which is a pity, as the rest of the plugin really sounds convincing, also the flexible eq is a good idea.

Adjustable delay time in milliseconds is missing, a manual, which gives more precise infomations about some functions and also an option to choose between m/s and l/r would be fine, I think.

A trial/demo version also would have been a good idea. Even more, as this meanwhile - just like a manual - should be anyway self-evident for a new plugin.

Could be an excellent plugin with some improvements, I hope they will follow soon.

One point deduction for the chorus, another one for the missing manual and demo version.

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Reviewed By PierreG
July 19th, 2021

Well done.

Works well in Tracktion Waveform.

Hoping for parameter automation to be added.

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Reviewed By naomi
February 6th, 2021

Great Appearance!.

Great Sound!.

Version is now 3.0, and there are more variations of sounds than ever before, and you can now adjust the tone. Anyway, the appearance is wonderful, and I get excited when I compose. Sound also has a strong presence.

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Chord Engine Genesis for Kontakt
Reviewed By Clintmusic
September 26th, 2018

Absolutely fantastic! I am really impressed with this. Clean and simple to use with hundreds of chords to play with that I couldn't normally use as I'm not that great a player. Helps me sound like I know what I'm doing. Fun as hell.

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