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qSonic sonicOne v1.1


qSonic have released sonicOne v1.1, a a Windows VST effect plugin for mixdown and mastering, that works with an intelligent adaptive spectral shaping algorithm to enhance the sound of any given mono or stereo audio material. sonicOne costs 149 EUR, a demo version is available.

  • sonicOne analyses the incoming audio signal with an adaptive psycho acoustic model which uses fast fourier transformation techniques.
  • sonicOne reshapes the sound of the source audio signal in the spectral domain using 64bit high resolution DSP.
  • sonicOne gives the audio more presence, definition and body without adding any artificial overtones or sub-harmonics.
  • The spectral shaping algorithm can be tuned by the user with just two sound controls to get a more 'brilliant' or more 'warm'-sound while improving the spectral density of any final mix, solo instrument or even recorded vocal track.
  • sonicOne has been tested with any kind of audio-material and it can even improve the clarity and punch of final digitally mastered material, old analogue recordings, dance tracks and live-recordings.


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