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rgc:audio z3ta+ v1.4 released


rgc:audio have updated z3ta+ to v1.4.

  • Three new sound banks: BigTone Studios I and II and Trancemania II
    Factory banks A, B and C are now replaced by three new banks by top sound designers, showing even more extended uses of z3ta+ features.
  • Loadable Wavetable Sets - new stock waveforms can be created by using the Wavetable Set Creation utility. Programs using different wavetable sets can be mixed in a bank. z3ta+ will find and load the appropriate wavetable set when the program is selected on-the-fly.
  • Loadable Oscillator USER Waveforms: z3ta+ can load the USER oscillator waveforms 1 to 6 from standard wave files (.wav). Up to six individual waveforms can be loaded per program, and then transformed by using the shaper as the internal waveform set. It is possible to load different waveforms in each preset. z3ta+ will find and reload the used waveforms when the program is selected on-the-fly. The wave files must be mono, up to 64k samples, in any samplerate.
  • GATE effect on note 0: There’s a new Gate effect, which is triggered by sending MIDI Notes zero to z3ta+. Gate effect is performed before all effects, after voice mixing.
  • Arpeggiator GATE mode. In this mode, the arpeggiator will be used to trigger the Gate effect instead of playing notes.
  • Expanded Arpeggiator: Arpeggiator capacity has been expanded up to 200 MIDI patterns.
  • 2x Oversampling: When the new 2x Oversampling option is turned on, z3ta+ will internally use the double of selected samplerate. As a result, warmer, smoother, more precise, ‘hardware-alike’ sounds will be created.


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