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Rayzoon releases Jamstix v1.1

Rayzoon Technologies

Rayzoon Technologies has released a v1.1 update for its virtual drummer VSTi Jamstix. This update includes numerous enhancements, as well as various bug fixes.


  • Jamstix can now handle time signature changes within a song.
  • Audio trim knob is now input trim knob and controls MIDI input as well as audio.
  • Audio-in velocity map is now input velocity map knob and controls MIDI input response as well as audio.
  • Added 'accent suppression' to mode editor to specify a number of bars that should be without snare or tom accents after a fill or intro.
  • Added instant fill, intro and ending triggers to the mode editor.
  • Fills and intros are now protected within a live loop (unless on the last bar of the loop).
  • Data is now zipped to reduce project file size by about 300kB.
  • Preview is now at host tempo instead of fixed.
  • Added 'PowerPlay' MIDI automation parameter.
  • Visually improved buttons.
  • Tooltips (bubble help) abandoned in favor of status line hint display with higher compatibility and less CPU usage.
  • Jam control panel sliders that do not apply to manual jam are now hidden in manual jam.
  • Added MIDI automation parameter that can suppress snare and tom accents.
  • Bar offset can now be set via ini file (works like bar offsets in Cubase).
  • Console sliders can now be trimmed via ini setting (GainBoost=x with x being a multiplier).
  • Added percentage display to tooltips on various sliders in the jam tab.
  • When loading a project with Jamstix in Free Jam mode, the arrangement is no longer reset.
  • Expanded manual + 'Free Jam Quick Start Guide' for Sonar, Cubase and Tracktion.
  • AudioM8 now supports muting audio source.
  • Added logic to detect missing 'accents' folder and prompt the user.
  • MIDI automation toggle parameters now toggle at 50% vs. 0/100% to make editing easier.
  • DFHS extra sounds (LRTom, LRSnare) can now be mapped via ini file.
  • Reduced disk and memory footprint.
  • Jamstix now aborts the module load and prompts the user if a sub-hosted module requires more outputs than Jamstix is set to (still some exceptions).

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed chimes offset.
  • Fixed several 'Invalid Pointer Operation' errors.
  • Fixed pulsating screen refresh when changing fills etc. in the arranger.
  • Return-to-zero now works fine in SAVIHost and Chainer Standalone.
  • Fixed Jamstix 'forgetting' key word jam settings after GUI close.
  • Console outputs shown in use when subhosting now reflect actual outputs in use by module.


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