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Ugo releases String Theory v1.5


Ugo has updated String Theory to v1.5 with the addition of several new features, including a tone enhancement function which greatly improves String Theory's clarity, depth, and realism. String Theory also now offers MIDI CC support and improved playability.

The full list of new features includes:

  • Tone enhancement switch (Ugo logo button - on by default).
  • More even velocity response for reduction of volume spikes.
  • Detune slider.
  • Attack control for the feedforms before they enter the delay oscillators (for emulating bow and breath attacks).
  • Enhanced pitch LFO.
  • Improved Metal LFO sound.
  • LFOs now reset with host play/record.
  • MIDI CC support.
  • Improved GUI design/layout.
  • Bonus bank of 45 new presets.


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