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RazAudio releases STC-3 - Free Stereo Processor VST Plugin for Windows

RAZ Audio

RazAudio has announced the release of the free STC-3 stereo processor VST plugin for Windows.

STC-3 is a precision tool for controlling the stereo width of any stereophonic content. Use it for expanding the stereo field of synth pads, sound effects or soundscapes or to narrow a track to full mono.

Designed for zero artifacts and natural sound, STC-3 can be used on a single channel or on the bus processor, for both mixing and mastering.

A large stereo-readout display provides a visual feedback of the used expansion and the dedicated 'LF Processor' makes sure that the low frequency content is kept vivid and tight, albeit the stereo expansion.

As all 'Raz Audio' processors, STC-3 is available as a free download.



Discussion: Active
16 January 2016 at 9:53am

This doesn't seem to do anything! Tried it in Tracktion 6, and only the filter seems to work. The stereo width control seems to only be a prop. Will check to see what it does in other host.

18 January 2016 at 8:45am

Notice that some users have encountered a GUI bug which was corrected.

Please make sure you have the v1.1 version, which replaces the v1.0 version:


Happy production time, .

Rocko (RaxzAudio)

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