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SynthFont v1.020 released

Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont version 1.020 is now available.

New features:

  • SynthFont now responds to the two MIDI Continuous Controllers Registered Parameters "Channel Coarse Tune" and "Channel Fine Tune".
  • Selectable default folder for arrangement files.
  • Adjustable output main volume.
  • New alternative audio file output formats: 32 bit IEEE floating point and 24 bit integer.

Bug fixes:

  • Percussion soundfonts with preset bank value less than 128 could not be used in the percussion MIDI channel.
  • Fixed reading of dls-files.
  • Improved handling of VST instruments (not yet perfect, though).
  • Some instruments became out of tune when the pitch shift was large.
  • Linked samples where not correctly played.
  • Audio files where slightly out of sync (too slow).
  • MIDI files where not saved correctly.
  • The live input mode has been much improved (with ASIO, only ASIO4ALL seems to work reliably, though).
  • A lot of minor bugs fixed.


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