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Renoise updated to v2.8 BETA (incl. 64-Bit) for Windows, Mac, and Linux


Renoise has been updated to version 2.8 BETA, adding 64-bit support for all platforms and workflow improvements.

Full 64-bit Support:

  • 64-bit versions for all platforms: Windows, OS X and Linux.
  • Plug-in bridge allows 32-bit plug-ins to be used within 64-bit Renoise.
  • Full Rewire 64-bit support.

Reworked Pattern Matrix with Slot Aliases:

  • Alias individual pattern slots in the matrix, i.e. treat them like clips.
  • Edit one slot and have changes propagate to all other aliases.
  • Quickly clone or alias slots by dragging their edges.
  • Use section headers to group parts of the song together.

Track Groups & Collapsing:

  • Group tracks into logical units, collapse them for better overview.
  • Flexible routing of group tracks.
  • Collapsed tracks use minimal space, while still providing a quick overview.
  • Pattern effects in groups will affect all member tracks simultaneously.
  • Automatically collapse all tracks except the one you are focussing on.
  • Color code tracks with adjustable background colors.

DSP Effects and Meta Devices:

  • New DSP Multitap delay for spaced out filtered echo madness.
  • New DSP Repeater for st-st-st-stuttery goodness.
  • New DSP Exciter to make your mixes sparkle.
  • New Meta Mixer allowing blending of modulation signals into one output.
  • Improved EQs with bigger graphs and all values can be automated.
  • Improved Send devices, which can now be individually panned.
  • New and improved crossover filters for the Multi Send device.

Sample Editor:

  • Left & right channels can be edited separately.
  • Zoom level & current selection are remembered per sample.
  • Significantly faster sample loading.
  • Destructively render slices to individual samples.
  • Improved keyboard and mouse selection handling.
  • Improved marker and waveform display visibility.
  • New and improved processing tools (mute selection, insert silence, invert phase, swap stereo channels and cross-fading loop creator).
  • Improved Spectrum View.
  • New Phase Correlation Meter in Phase Scope.
  • Side-by-side comparison of two tracks in the spectrum view.
  • New drawing modes: Filled Curve, Bar and Spectrogram.
  • Configurable frequency scaling, precision, peak fall rate, and slope.

Pattern Effects:

  • Pattern effects in the master or group tracks will affect all member tracks.
  • Up to 34 DSP devices can be addressed via pattern commands 1xyy-Yxyy.
  • New pattern effects: Tremolo, Auto Pan, Set Envelope Position.
  • Logical mnemonics for pattern effects from A to Z instead of cryptic numbers.

Performance Improvements:

  • Hyper-threading support for new Intel i5 and i7 CPUs and others.
  • Various audio engine speed optimizations for all platforms.

Other Workflow Improvements:

  • New Favorites system for plug-ins and native DSP devices.
  • Expandable and detachable Envelope Editor.
  • Memorize last used bank/preset paths per plug-in.
  • Automatically name rendered songs/patterns.
  • Right-side modifier keys are no longer hard-coded.
  • Finer control over note distribution when dragging samples into keyzones.
  • Improved color picker with saveable swatches.
  • Context menus overhauled and made more consistent.

Pricing & Availability

Renoise beta versions are exclusive to registered users. The price of Renoise remains the same: €58 for any or all three platforms. Everyone who buys Renoise 2.8 before the final version, will get free upgrades up until and including version 3.8.



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