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Renoise v2.0 Release Candidate 1 Now Available


The first "Release Candidate" of version 2.0 of Renoise is now available for public download and testing.

In case you've missed the previous betas, here is a summary of the features which have been implemented since the beta cycle began:

  • New demo songs, chosen from submitters to the Beta Battle competition.
  • Netbook Screen Resolution Support: The Renoise window can now be resized to min 990x550 pixels so you can use Renoise on small Netbook screens.
  • Added some Factory Presets (built-in presets) to the new Filter3, RingMod and ScreamFilter.
  • Added support for UAD2 DSP cards.
  • Added new native FX "RingMod" (as replacement for Filter2's RingMod mode).
  • Re-added the old Filter2 Dist Comp modes into a new device "Scream Filter", with more options than you got in the old Filter2 device.
  • Added the ability to enter fractional BPM (like 127.56) is the BPM box. Fractional values can only be entered by double clicking the BPM value.
  • "Velocity Device" fine tuning [details].
  • "Filter 3"s Inertia settings are more "detailed" in the lower areas now. This means your songs might need to be adjusted when you've used Inertia settings apart from the Max/Instant value.
  • Linux: Added basic Drag&Drop support from external File Browsers (dragging songs/samples/.. into the Renoise window to load them).
  • Added a one-shot option to the LFO device when running a custom envelope: This will avoid that the envelope cycles. LFO reset pattern commands will retrigger the envelope then.
  • VST/AU instrument & FX lists will no longer occupy the whole screen height when only a few plugins are installed.
  • The new "Copy into new Sample/Instrument" actions in the sample editor will keep the currently selected instrument focused / will not jump to the newly created sample to make for example beat cutting easier.
  • Double clicking in the Pattern while Pattern Follow is enabled and the player is playing will no longer jump to new lines.
  • Bugfixes and tweaks a plenty.


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