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Renoise v1.9.1 beta released, with Linux Port


Beta version 1.9.1 of Renoise is now available for Windows, Mac OS X and, for the first time, Linux.

The Linux version features (beside everything else you have on Windows & Mac):

  • ALSA support (for Audio and MIDI).
  • JACK Audio support (optional).
  • LADSPA support (native Linux audio plugins).
  • VST support (for Linux NATIVE VSTs only - See the FAQs).

New in 1.9.1 Beta 1:

  • New feature: freeform waveform drawing in the Sample Editor.
  • Enhanced undo functionality in the Sample Editor.
  • Faster drag 'n' drop behavior in the Pattern Editor.
  • Added a "Record dry" switch to the Sample Editor Recording dialog.
  • Added "Clear Muted Tracks/Columns" actions.
  • Faster rescanning in the Disk Browser.
  • Added an info tool for VST / LADSPA effects.
  • Fixed all bugs reported in the Bug Report forum.


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