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Roger Linn Design updates AdrenaLinn Sync to v2.0.1

Roger Linn Design

Roger Linn Design has updated AdrenaLinn Sync to v2.0.1 for Mac OS X AU and VST.


  • In Logic, the preset number shown in AdrenaLinn Sync v2 was one less than that shown in Logic's preset name display. This is because AdrenaLinn Sync v2 interprets Logic's preset numbers 0-127 as 1-128. To workaround this, Logic's preset name display no longer shows AdrenaLinn Sync v2's preset number but rather only its preset name. This has the added benefit that Logic now shows 4 more characters (31 instead of 27) of the preset name.
  • In Logic, if you press Logic's PRESET INCREMENT or PRESET DECREMENT buttons to change AdrenaLinn Sync v2's presets, the wrong preset would often be selected in AdrenaLinn Sync v2, sometimes one higher and sometimes one lower. This has been fixed.
  • In Logic 9, if one of AdrenaLinn Sync v2's preset names contained a slash character ("/"), then only characters after the slash would be displayed in Logic's preset name field, due to a bug in Logic. To workaround the bug, we removed all slashes from AdrenaLinn Sync v2's preset names. After upgrading from AdrenaLinn Sync v2.0.0 to v2.0.1, to replace your existing presets with the new presets containing the non-slash names (which will also delete any presets you've created), delete your existing presets file before starting AdrenaLinn Sync v2.0.1: Macintosh HD/Users/(your username)/Music/AdrenaLinn Sync v2/Sessions/async_presets.
  • In Logic, if Pre-Roll was used, causing a negative bar number to be sent to AdrenaLinn Sync v2, in some cases Logic would crash. This has been fixed.
  • If AdrenaLinn Sync v2 was opened within Iced Audio's AudioFinder, AudioFinder would crash. This has been fixed.


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