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Roland releases Galaxias


Roland has released Galaxias, their new software-based musical instrument, exclusively on Roland Cloud.

Galaxias operates both as a standalone application for macOS and Windows and as a VST3 and AU plugin for DAW music production (DAW plugin support coming soon). It grants access to Roland Cloud's library, featuring over 20,000 sounds from instruments like the Jupiter-8, TR-808, and D-50, along with modern creations such as Zenology and System-8.

This software enables users to layer up to four instruments, creating more complex patches known as 'Scenes'. Each layer has individual settings for key range, transpose, MIDI input, and a dedicated arpeggiator. Galaxias' learn and drag functionality aims to simplify the creation of more intricate sounds. It also boasts macro controls that can manipulate up to 128 parameters, either through internal LFOs or an external MIDI controller. Additionally, Galaxias is equipped for live performances with its 'Setlists' feature, ensuring gapless transitions.

Galaxias provides two insert effects per layer and two global send effects. Users can also route layers to external processing destinations. Roland claims the interface is intuitively designed for rapid creativity, offering an immersive full-screen view for focused editing.

As part of Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, Roland has stated that Galaxias will see continual evolution with regular updates adding new sounds and features. A 30-day free Ultimate trial is available, providing full access to Galaxias and the entire range of Roland Cloud offerings.

Roland Galaxias is now available through Roland Cloud Ultimate membership, priced at $199 annually or $19.99 monthly.




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15 November 2023 at 9:07pm


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