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Sagan Technology Metro v6.0 released

Sagan Technology

Sagan Technology have released v6.0 of Metro. here's some of what’s new:


  • Support for OS X CoreAudio and CoreMIDI technology including the Audio MIDI Setup application.
  • AudioUnit V1 and V2 plug-in support.
  • Support for AudioUnit Synthesizers including Apple's built-in DLS/SoundFont II.
  • Convert AudioUnit synthesizers to audio by mixing tracks.
  • Real-Time audio play-through.
  • Mapping of MIDI controllers to effects parameters for real time control.
  • Optional floating transport window.
  • High quality font support.
VST 2.0
  • Support for VST instruments with up to 16 outputs using all 8 stereo aux busses.
  • Convert VST Instruments to audio quickly and easily by mixing tracks.
  • Real-Time low latency software audio play-through with effects while recording dry signal.
  • Mapping of MIDI controllers to effects parameters for real time control. This, for example, enables the use of a foot controller to control the Wah effect of a real time amp simulator plug-in.
  • Support for audio sample rates greater than 48k such as 88.2k and 96k Hz.
  • Support for bit sizes greater than 16 such as 24 and 32 and 32 bit float.
  • Pitch Time stretch via Scale time and Transpose to modify audio. Also option-drag regions to time stretch audio.
  • Re-sampling via Scale Time.
  • Improved Tempo changing with audio. Audio regions now maintain there start times when tempos are changed.
  • Define silence and remove silence of audio.
  • Support for reading Cubase VST plug-in effect programs (.fxp files) and banks (.fxb files).
  • Greatly improved support for loading of effects stored in documents on different computers.
  • Effect editor windows added to the windows menu.
  • Enhanced plug-in window with field sorting and contextual menu popup.
  • Much larger number of effects automation parameters can be edited and in-use automation parameters are flagged with an asterisk.
  • Automate built-in effect send, dry and wet faders.
  • Mix audio tracks to 16, 24 bit or 32 bit float and sample rates of 44k, 48k, 88k or 96k respectively.
  • New Aux Fader VU meters.
  • New Aux pan knobs.


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