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Selig Audio

Selig Audio releases ColoringEQ Rack Extension for Reason

Selig Audio has released ColoringEQ, a Rack Extension for Propellerhead's Reason designed to provide advanced professional EQ and Filtering tools for mixing and mastering work, as well as offering inspiring saturation options for production and sound design.

Selig Audio say "By combining EQ and saturation in a unique way and adding note control, many creative and unique possibilities are offered. From subtle euphonic EQ/saturation effects to dramatic filtering and distortion applications, ColoringEQ attempts to cover them all while keeping things simple by using a familiar interface."


  • ColoringEQ offers all common and many uncommon EQ types, from modern smooth-to-steep ZDF shelve EQs with Q, to vintage asymmetrical parametric EQ shapes, from Tilt/Shift and Smiley/Frowny "boutique" types to modern symmetrical proportional EQ. All in all, there are 10 EQ types and 5 versatile Filter types to choose from in the ColoringEQ.
  • 7 Bands consisting of 5 identical EQ bands and 2 matching filter bands (seven bands in all), the Selig ColoringEQ takes a musical approach to EQ. For starters, all bands are tuned in musical semitones across the entire audible spectrum, ensuring your EQ is always exactly "in tune" with your track (unless you prefer to detune it) while also making the relationship between pitch and frequency easy to understand. This feature also allows you to "Play" the EQ from MIDI or CV, choosing note and/or gate/velocity to control the bands. Because this is a Reason device, it takes a unique modular approach to EQ with each band having it's own independent audio input and output jacks on the back panel, further extending the flexibility of the device. Of course, there is also extensive CV control throughout.
  • Filters: The filters can handle generic and creative tasks alike, featuring a Selig original: continuously variable slope from 0-48 dB/Oct. The filters also offer both positive and negative Q ranges, extremely surgical band reject (notch) filters with a useful "depth" control, and a musical resonating comb filter for technical and creative effects.
  • EQ: Select from the many "musical" EQ types, including vintage asymmetrical parametric types (wide boost, narrow cut), and boutique types such as Tilt and Smiley. And of course there's the Selig Saturating EQ effect to add to the mix.
  • Display: The main display allows you to intuitively edit the EQ curve while viewing the spectrum display. The spectrum display has a powerful "hold" feature, allowing you to analyze longer sections of music to identify the overall sonic trends. You can also select between viewing any of the external band inputs, allowing you to use these inputs to compare the spectrums of additional external audio sources.
  • Saturation: ColoringEQ lives up to its name with the uniquely integrated saturation effect. Whereas other EQs either saturate the signal "pre" or "post" EQ, ColoringEQ saturates the EQ itself at the band level. This gives control over saturation "color" on multiple EQ bands, allowing everything from subtle parallel saturation effects to hard core sonic destruction. Use the Solo button on each band to fine-tune the saturation effect, or to help tune the EQ when Saturation is off. Also featured is the handy Harmonics control, allowing you to control the timbre of your saturation by adjusting the mix of odd vs even harmonics.
  • Note Control: Taking things even further, every band can be "Played" by either MIDI notes or CV/Gate signals. This allows the creation of "Tracking EQs", tuned resonating filters, note gated EQ with velocity, and more.
  • Back Panel: The back panel of the ColoringEQ reveals it's true modular nature, providing audio I/O for each and every EQ/Filter band, with an additional separate output for the saturated signal. This over-the-top feature gives the advanced user the ability to literally re-configure the EQ to handle multiple tasks, or to build different EQ topologies such as true parallel EQ or serial saturation.

Price: $99.00.

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