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Sensomusic announces Usine 4.0


Sensomusic has announced version 4.0 of Usine, which will be released "soon" complete with touch-screen technology. A demo video is available.

Usine v4.0 will feature more than 100 improvements, including:

  • Touch screen management.
  • 16 audio in/out.
  • Clear/save/open current track command in the main menu.
  • New possible location for Interfaces builder windows: patch or parent patch.
  • New rack mode : 'grid', 'rack' or 'play all'.
  • Customizable layouts for all displayed controls (set the colors you want to all controls).
  • Reset + reset values in steps modules (step, step-midi, lines, switches, points, array).
  • No more auxiliary busses order limitations.
  • Expand module command in patches (see manual).
  • Some PianoRoll improvements.
  • Clear current CC curve in PianoRoll.
  • More quantize options in the sampler/ grainSampler :2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 bars.
  • New command in the main menu to hide all the popup windows (tab] key).
  • New mapper curve module design (shows now a cursor to display the current position).
  • New Audio Selector sub-patch in the module library.
  • New Wave Display sub-patch in the module library.
  • Better record (direct to disk) engine.
  • Better multi-thread optimization.
  • More precise Send MIDI Time Clock module in the Library.
  • New conductor module more powerful; see compatibility notes.
  • The color of the line in the remote panel is the same than the control color.
  • At the startup of Usine, the last main window position is memorized.
  • Debug mode in the setup for user modules developers.
  • More precise schedule in the mouse down outlet of the separator/panel module.
  • The audio out is cleared when a patch activation is turned off.
  • 'visible' inlet/outlet in the Interface Builder module.
  • The mapper curve can process audio flow (see 'audio quality' parameter).
  • A sub patch can be locked to prevent modifications.
  • The master section shows only actives in/out.
  • New 'default value' parameter in faders, knobs.
  • Preview workspaces/patches info's in the the browser window.
  • The conductor now saves all the patches of the grid in rack mode (not only the selected patch); see compatibility notes.
  • The 'show remote' button is visible in grid mode (not only in patch design mode).
  • French Quick Start.

Fixed bugs:

  • Fader MIDI Note, Fader Vertical, Curve of Points are not stored in the conductor.
  • Bad CoeffToDb module initialization.
  • Most of reported bugs fixed.

Compatibility notes:

  • The new interface control/conductor panel module is not compatible with older version.
  • Because of the new save procedure in the conductor, you can have some small compatibility problems with older versions.


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