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Sensomusic updates Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.156


Sensomusic has updated Usine Hollyhock to v3.0.156.


Fixed bugs:

  • Drop patches or modules on a reduced control-panel.



  • Comma-Text-Editor module.
  • Reduce patch control panel command.
  • The mouse wheel can be used to scroll in the settings-panel.
  • Attack-time parameter in MIDI-sampler module.
  • Size of control is displayed in the header.
  • Copy-control-size, paste-control-size contextual menu command.
  • File-lister module now works for directories.
  • Improvement of the wheel-mouse behavior and zooming.
  • Expert option: disable-mouse-wheel-zoom.
  • MIDI-learn/active mode "only when patch is on" is now compatible with the patch-on-off module.
  • Monophonic option in the poly-voice-dispatcher module.


  • New sdkDialogInputBox function exported.

Fixed bugs:

  • MIDI thru doesn't work properly in piano-roll module.
  • On a copy/paste of grid elements random curves can be created.
  • Scrollbar size to 0 just disappeared without any way to restore it.
  • Various GUI details.



  • Improved video-in device with better framerate.

Fixed bugs:

  • Drag&Drop issues on OS X 10.13 High Sierra for library patches.


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