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Skale Tracker v0.71 released


New additions
  • Scrolling in the disk op. file list by clicking a file and scrolling up/down the cursor out of the file list.
  • Add step now max value is 32.
  • Keybs & mouse buttons repeat velocity configurable.
  • 24/32 channels pattern view mode.
  • Pattern Scroll Bar.
  • DSound output mode enabled.
  • Sample Rate configurable (from 8KHz to 192KHz).
  • 64 Channels.
  • Muting/unmuting channels more comfortable.
  • Save panel.
  • MOD save.
  • XM save.
  • WAV render (8/16/32 bit).

Bugs Fixed

  • Solo instrument (after a note off was buggy).
  • XM file loaders fails with some modules (kasparov.xm).
  • When you disable (mute) a track in skale it apparently skips both notes and commands.
  • Volume column low digit is 1 when you add the high digit.
  • 9xx sample offset effect doesn't works with stereo samples.
  • Cubic interpolation.


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