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Skale Tracker v0.8 released


Skale Tracker has been updated to v0.8 featuring many changes including the addition of a VSTi version!

New Additions:
  • WAV file render per instrument, synth, effect and subgroup.
  • ASIO multioutput support.
  • 16 stereo independent outputs.
  • SkalePlayer SDK C++ library.
  • Backward Skin compatibility.
  • MouseWheel support to scroll.
  • Load sample points on WAV files.
  • AKP (Akai S5000/S6000) Instruments supported.
  • SF2 (SoundFont 2.0) Instruments supported.
  • Time advance mode on envelopes.
  • Samples per instrument note&velocity increased from 1 to 4.
  • Samples per note selected by velocity.
  • Samples per instrument increased from 16 to 256.
  • SkaleVSTi.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Some VST compatibility bugs fixed.
  • Subgroup SendToAux Signal was not normalized.


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