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Skrivarna Software releases "Fakebook Pro" Sheet Music Reader

Skrivarna Software

Skrivarna Software has released version 2.0 of the Fakebook Sheet Music Reader app for Android, now know as Fakebook Pro. It now has over 400 new songs built-in, a powerful two page view and updated music parsers.

Fakebook focuses on ease of use, carefully selected features for playing live and absolute stability, and allows freely mixing chord charts and sheet music in many different formats.

The latest version improves some key features:

  • Over 400 songs added, mostly rock and pop, from ABC to Your Song, from AC/DC to Zappa.
  • New page caching and swiping animation for even faster and smoother page turns.
  • Optional 2-up mode, useful for large landscape tablets.
  • New import options for iReal b and iReal Pro, even better PDF handling.

The Fakebook Pro 2.0 is available from today as a free update for all current users of the Fakebook app on Android. For others the price on Google Play is less than $3.



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