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Solcito Musica releases SuperTron 3.0 VSTi for Free

Solcito Música

Solcito Musica has released SuperTron 3.0 VSTi for Windows for free.

This new version of SuperTron brings several important improvements:

  • Older version presets can be loaded, but some tweaks may be needed.
  • Important improvement in the time precision of the Step Modulator.
  • Important improvement in the quality of the oscillators, reduction of alias.
  • Removed the "repeat" function of the Step Modulator.
  • Added guide lines selectable with a button in the Step Modulator to facilitate the settings on the screen.
  • Added several new options for the "pattr" buttons of the Step Modulator.
  • Added copy-paste capability in the preset manager.
  • A "sel" selection button was added in the preset manager.
  • The sound is no longer muted when switching from a preset to another one.
  • Fixed error in presetting LFO knob "vol 2".
  • Improved the sensitivity of knobs and selectors.
  • The Vintager effect was reconstructed, renamed "age". Now it does not affect the dynamics, the unwanted distortions diminish and the behavior improved when chords are played. If you want to restore the loudness of the presets of the previous version, just adjust the "drive" knob in the Distortion effect.
  • Eliminated the "mono - poly" options In the LFO. Instead, now there's options: poly/free. This selection does not affect the number of voices, and improves the behavior of the LFO.
  • Now the poly and mono voice modes are set completely with the "voices" knob and are independent of the LFO.
  • Increased the maximum frequency of the LFO.
  • Improved the internal design to eliminate unnecessary RAM consumption.
  • Pulse knobs become transparent when pulse wave is not selected in the oscillators.
  • Several graphic modifications in the panel.
  • Added a link to website Solcito Musica on the panel.


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