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Solcito Musica updates SuperTron VSTi to v6.1

Solcito Música

Solcito Musica has updated SuperTron to v6.1 with bug fixes and added/improved features for MIDI and live performance.

The developer says:

The new audiorhythmic SuperTron logo may seem suntuary, but I love it...

What's new:

  • Now the selected Window Size can be stored in presets.
  • Added a button to make the window size preset storing optional.
  • Added MIDI ID feature, to use MIDI Learn with several instances of SuperTron at a time. It can be assigned a different ID for each instance.
  • Now the "pitch" knob of the "KEYBOARD" module sets de pitch in semitone steps. It is smoothed to allow soft pitch sweep.
  • Now the SuperTron logo is audiorhythmic.
  • Corrected the bug on the Preset Banks with the preset info texts that being loaded in the previous preset instead the correct one. The correction is valid for banks exported from this new version of the synth. Preset banks from version 6.0 can be loaded but it inherit that bug.
  • Some changes in the Tooltips texts and corrections in the label of the controls corrected some graphic bugs.
  • Corrected lack of updating of the number of available characters in Preset Info texts. Now the warning for exceeding the maximum characters in the Preset Info texts appears when exceeds 255. (Before when great or equal to 255).
  • The "synth/host" switch was set in "host" and the "sustain" button turned Off in all factory presets.
  • Modified some factory presets to sound similar to when "synth/host" switch was on "synth".
  • Presets from version 6.0 can be loaded, may be needed settings in some controls.


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