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SoloStuff updates SoloRack Modular Synthesizer VST to v2.0 for Windows


SoloStuff has updated SoloRack to version 2.0. With a new polyphony system, resizable and skinable GUI, more enhancements and 20 new modules, 19 of them are included in the System B (The remaining one is free).

New in this update:

  • New easy polyphony system. No special cables. No dedicated modules. Similar to the Nord Modular. Just set the number of voices, connect the poly chainer module and that's it. Details here.
  • Resizable and skinable GUI. Currently 3 skins available.
  • Copy/Paste modules (right click menu). You can paste into an existing module or to an empty rack space.
  • Press CTRL to drag multiple modules together.
  • Added S315 Mini Sampler VCO.
  • Added S216 Moving Fixed Filter Bank.
  • Added SE15 Signal Analyzer.
  • Added SE16 Wide Signal Analyzer.
  • Added SE20 Global Morph.
  • Added S313 Internet Radio.
  • Added S318 Tracker Mod Player (FREE.. Just connect to the SA02).
  • Added S630 DX Distortion.
  • Added S610 Aliasing Triple Wave Folder.
  • Added S631 VC Distortion.
  • Added S634 Quick Distortion.
  • Added S518 Mouse Theremin.
  • Added S103 Matrix Mixer/VCA.
  • Added S810 4X4 Sequence Router.
  • Added SD31 MIDI Trance Gate.
  • Added SD33 MIDI Arpeggiator.
  • Added SD30 MIDI Recorder.
  • Added SD14 Clock/Sync To MIDI.
  • Added SA13 Clipped 2 DAW.
  • Added S210 Dual DC Blocker.
  • S515 VCLFO now has two outputs. Uni-polar and bipolar.
  • S321 VCO now has a new High/Low FB switch to allow for strong feedback. Default is Low.
  • S201 VCF now has Wide/Narrow switch. "Narrow" will make cutoff knob cover the more practically audible range.
  • Cable thickness adjustable.
  • Flat cables option.
  • Window height adjustable in menu (this was hidden before).
  • Advanced oversampling filter settings are now shown in the menu by default. (This was hidden before).
  • Lower overall CPU usage.
  • Multiple bugs fixed.


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