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Sonalksis releases TBK3 Ueber Compressor


Sonalksis has announced the release of the TBK3 "Über Compressor", a dynamics processor unlike any other. Beneath the simple interface lies a radical analogue-modelled compressor that can be pushed to extremes, and possibly beyond.

TBK3 extends analogue circuit designs far beyond their normal physical capabilities, and so enables a level of creativity not normally associated with a this type of processor. While you could certainly use the Über Compressor at mild settings to keep a track safely under control, or even use it at moderate settings to invoke audio devastation, reminiscent of classic vintage over-compressors, it is the extreme settings, which make TBK3 unique. The sonic abominations that result from extreme usage of TBK3 just don't exist without it. At extreme settings TBK3 doesn't just crush dynamic range, it turns it inside out, apparently.

TBK3 is based on the underlying principles of classic over-compressing analogue designs, and uses two adaptive attack and two release stages to achieve highly characteristic compression curves. One feature of vintage analogue compressors is that they audibly raise the noise floor, and the modelling methods used in the TBK3 design mean that this 'true analogue noise' is intrinsic and will add breath into the audio.

Also 'under the hood' is transient de-emphasis circuitry that "kicks in like a supercharger on an engine". This combination of both transient and compression circuitry contributes to the extreme character of the Über Compressor and provides a totally unique processing module.

Like all Sonalksis analogue modelled plug-ins, the TBK3 has an absolute zero latency throughput, meaning there is no internal signal delay whatsoever.

Feature summary:

  • Extreme analogue-modelled compression algorithm.
  • Optional 'true analogue noise' colouration.
  • Four selectable fully adaptive attack/release modes.
  • Modifiable side-chain filter character.
  • 64bit floating point precision internal processing throughout.
  • Ultra efficient processing, with specific optimisations for native processors.
  • Zero latency throughput - absolutely no internal signal delay whatsoever.

The TBK3 Über Compressor is available immediately for Windows and Mac OS X Universal Binary in VST, AU and RTAS (PT7) formats. It retails at £79.99 GBP + VAT in the U.K., €119.99 + VAT in Europe, or $149.99 in the U.S. and rest of the world. The plug-in can be purchased from the Sonalksis web site.

All current customers of the creative elements TBK series plug-ins can purchase the TBK3 / Creative Elements bundle at a reduced price, and all current Sonalksis customers are offered the Creative Elements bundle at a very competitive price.



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