Soundigy has updated MIDI Lab to version 1.4.4 for Windows and Mac.


  • MIDI Map extended to allow all MIDI channel messages types.
  • Audio/MIDI settings issue fixed (MIDI settings for plugin versions separated from standalone app).
  • New MIDI (N) RPN block added for easy RPN and NRPN handling.
  • Handling main app window size in maximized state fixed.
  • MIDI Map and MIDI Store/Recall state loading fixed.
  • Binary functions added to the ExprTk scripting engine: bitwise_or, bitwise_and, bitwise_xor, bitwise_not, bitwise_shiftl, bitwise_shiftr, popcount, lzcount, tzcount.
  • Several ExprTk scripting engine fixes and improvements.
  • Scripting guide made available at
  • Multiple smaller fixes and refinements.


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