Soundigy has updated MIDI Lab to version 1.4.2 for Windows and Mac.


  • Panic button added sending Note Offs to all active MIDI outputs.
  • Template project file can be now defined that will be loaded next time MIDI Lab starts.
  • Velocity Amplifier - added toggles excluding Note Offs or messages with 0 velocity from being 'amplified'.
  • Fixed slow GUI performance on Retina (MacOS) displays.
  • Added AudioUnit MIDI FX plugin version.
  • Fixed window/panel being incorrectly resized and blocks positions being messed up when a project/preset was loaded or when MIDI Lab plugin window was shown.
  • MIDI Script - added Basic I/O, File I/O and Vector Operations ExprTk packages and str variable for debugging.
  • Export/Import Macro buttons added to the left command bar.
  • GUI colours for better contrasts reworked.
  • Side panel with blocks/plugins has now search text field, categories filter and better look and descriptions for items.

  • Fixed issue where plugins requiring external licenser (e.g. Syncrosoft eLicenser) couldn't be scanned on MacOS.

  • Grid added into the structure panel to help aligning blocks.

  • Parabolic wires.

  • Main panel for structure can be now bigger than the window (scrollbars will appear).

  • Presets moved to side panel for better experience.

  • Window size and position is now stored within presets.

  • 3 colour schemes available - cyan, grey and midnight.

  • Menu bar has been now included in the plugin versions.

  • Legacy VST version added to be used with older hosts.

  • Plugins scanner/manager has been improved.

  • Generic GUI performance improvements - Fixes for several minor issues.



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