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Soundigy updates MIDI Lab to v1.5


Soundigy has updated MIDI Lab to version 1.5 for Windows and Mac.


  • New Events signal type for processing numerical values (there are now 3 distinct signal types: MIDI, audio and value events).
  • New blocks added under "Core" category:
    • LUA Script (for audio & MIDI processing, building custom GUI panels and MIDI Lab automation using MIDI Lab LUA API).
    • Events: Abs, Accumulator, Add, Buffer, Clock, Constant, Divide, Expression, Geiger, Iterator, MIDI Trigger, Multiply, Pack MIDI, Random, Read Variable, Readout, Script, Subtract, Trigger, Unpack MIDI, Write Variable.
    • Universal: Audio->Value, Conditional Gate, Distributor, Fun1 (Abs, Neg, Ceil, Floor, Round, Truncate, Sqrt, Exp, Log, Log10, Sin, Cos, Tan, P->F, F->P, Random), Fun2 (Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Modulo, Power, Maximum, Minimum, Average, =, .=, >=, >, <=, <, AND, OR, XOR), Selector, Smoother.
    • Panel (GUI): Button, Display, Grid, Knob, Meter, Slider, Time Display.
    • DSP: ADSR, Noise, Wave Gen.
    • MIDI Buffer.
    • Aggregated MIDI input and output blocks.
    • Built-in assets with bitmap and vector graphics added to be used with the new panel elements for GUI (more to be added).
  • Properties section added into the right-side panel to access various options of blocks and their GUIs (especially the new panel elements).
  • Parameter index/value inputs and outputs have been added to every external (VST/AU) plugin block to allow parameters automation with value events.
  • Sample projects have been embedded (accessible from File->Sample projects menu) - more to come.
  • New functions added into ExprTk blocks: hexStrToValue (syn. hex), valueToStr (syn. toStr), strToValue (syn. fromStr), channel (syn. ch).
  • There are now 4 blocks for ExprTk scripting: MIDI Script, MIDI Expression, Script, Expression.
  • Added options in the menu for toggling visual ports activity on/off and displaying splash screen when the MIDI Lab app/plugin starts/is loaded.
  • Hundreds of bug fixes.


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