Steinberg has updated the VST Audio Plug-ins SDK to v3.6.9.


  • Reorganization of cmake files.
  • VSTGUI 4.6:
    • Updated to VSTGUI 4.6.
    • Includes a new UI element: KeyboardView supporting Note expression.
  • Interfaces Changes:
    • Renamed some defines:
      • PLATFORM_64 => SMTG_PLATFORM_64.
      • MAC => SMTG_OS_MACOS.
    • Extract Speaker Arrangement from vsttypes.h to vstspeaker.h.
    • New kNoParamId constant for uninitialized parameter id.
  • Samples:
    • Fix Validator State test.
    • NoteExpressionSynth uses the new KeyboardView.
    • New HelloWorld VST3 Plug-ins (template): How to add/create your own VST 3 Plug-ins.
  • Plug-in Wrappers:
    • VST 3 - AudioUnit Wrapper: fix and adaptation for newer XCode versions.
    • Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) wrapper (VST 3 - Audio Unit v3 Wrapper): some fixes, add cmake.
    • AAX wrapper (VST 3 - AAX Wrapper): add bypass and VU parameter support.
    • interappaudio: improvements, fixes, add cmake.
  • Helpers Classes:
    • New Ring Buffer class (ringbuffer.h).


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