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Stillwell Audio updates 19 Plug-ins to V3 - incl. AAX, RTAS & VST3

Stillwell Audio

Stillwell Audio has released a free v3.0 update for 19 Stillwell Audio and schwa plug-ins.


  • New: 32- & 64-bit AAX, RTAS and VST3.
  • New for some: All are now AU, 32- & 64-bit, Windows & OS X.

From rock'n'roll character compressor The Rocket to the idiosyncratic Olga virtual analog synth, Pro Tools users can now experience Stillwell Audio's creations. All their VST and AU plug-ins are now available in 64-bit AAX, 32-bit AAX and RTAS formats. VST3 support is covered as well.

V3 also marks an end to some odd format gaps in the range. The Oligarc effects suite wasn't available for 64-bit VST hosts; it now is. Bitter, the free useful digital audio stream interrogator wasn't available for OS X VST; it now is. See the table below for the full story.

New Developer: Broadsword
Schwa was one of the founding developers of Stillwell Audio, and all the Schwa plug-ins remain part of the range and will be actively updated, enhanced and maintained. Schwa is now a full time developer at Cockos (makers of REAPER) and so has passed the baton to Broadsword, their newest developer.

Not Everything
Schwa PsychoDither is resisting the move to AAX but the battle to persuade it continues and should be considered a work in progress. The Microshope plugin has been discontinued.

V3 Update: Formats

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