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SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo touch for iOS to v2.5


SuperMegaUltraGroovy released a significant update to Capo touch, the advanced playback and analysis app that helps musicians learn songs by ear. This update offers an improved experience for Apple Music subscribers, in-app support for importing audio files, improved audio scrubbing, and adds some of the most popular user-requested features.

Making More Songs Available

When Apple Music subscribers add new songs, playlists, and albums to their collection, the newly-added music now appears in Capo touch 2.5. While browsing "My Music" for songs to learn in Capo touch, a cloud icon appears beside these songs to indicate that they are not yet available to import.

Even when downloaded to the device, songs available in the Apple Music streaming catalog are protected by Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that prevents apps like Capo touch from offering advanced playback and analysis features. When a user selects a protected song, Capo touch locates it in the iTunes Store and provides a direct link to purchase a copy in the iTunes Plus format (which is free of DRM.) After the song is purchased and the user returns to Capo touch, the song is loaded and processed immediately.

Capo touch also helps iTunes Match subscribers gain access to the iTunes purchases that aren't yet downloaded to their devices. In addition to providing links to purchase songs on iTunes, Capo touch also provides links to reveal songs in the Music app, where users can trigger the download that makes a DRM-free copy of their song available to Capo.

More Audio Import Options

Capo touch now offers access to supported audio files in a number of sources including iCloud Drive, Dropbox, and many more. This makes it easier to load masters and stems from unreleased and in-progress songs that are sent by collaborators and band mates for study before a tour, or to learn parts in preparation for a studio session.

By adopting the system-wide Document Provider Extensions in iOS, Capo touch can load from a variety of sources provided by the apps installed on a user's device. For example, apps tied to cloud storage services (such as Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive) will appear as sources for creating new projects in Capo touch.

Audio Scrubbing

Capo touch now includes the same audio scrubbing engine that is available in Capo on the Mac. This feature allows users to "freeze" time and listen carefully to notes played very quickly in a difficult solo.

Users can activate the scrubbing engine easily by touching or swiping the waveform while audio is playing in Capo touch. When the waveform is held still by the user, the currently-playing notes will be played continuously until their finger is lifted.

Fulfilling User Requests

In addition to the above, users can now easily jump to the start or end of a song by double-tapping the left or right edge of the waveform on the screen. Users can now also disable the default snapping behavior when adjusting regions for looping by dragging their finger above or below the on-screen resize handles displayed at the edges of the region.

As always, Capo touch allows users to slow down music without altering its pitch (unlike a slowed down vinyl record), and transpose music to other keys. Capo touch also detects chords in music automatically, and displays chords with support for Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, and Mandolin in various tunings.

Availability and Pricing

Capo touch 2.5 is available from the App Store for $9.99, and is a free update for existing customers. More information about Capo touch can be found at capoapp.com/ios



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