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Synapse Audio releases Orion Pro 7

Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has released Orion Pro 7, which inherits many features from its recently released big brother, Orion Platinum 7. The update is free for registered users.

New Features:

  • Enhanced skin + workflow.
  • Channels of VST instruments with multiple outputs can be hidden (VST Config Dialog).
  • Patterns can be named in the Playlist.
  • New preset menu browsing.
  • New insert menu in workspace area (right-click anywhere in workspace).
  • Save file backup feature.
  • MIDI File Drag&Drop directly into generators (useful e.g. for VST instruments).
  • New window management option for generators/fx: Closing a window just hides the window.
  • Signature option when creating new project.


  • Insert slots automatically activated when inserting a new effect.
  • Window menu options extended to quickly minimize all but active window.
  • Master Volume displayed in status bar.
  • Added resizing for open/save dialogs.
  • Pianoroll keys have horizontal velocity feature.
  • Time view display has skinnable colors.
  • Audiotrack gain raised by 6dB.
  • Audiotracks drawn anti-aliased.
  • Shortcut added: Ctrl-Shift-C, Ctrl-Shift-X for cut/copy all patterns at once.
  • Playlist and Pianoroll tools can be cycled with 'T'.
  • Playlist has now Shift as Snap to Grid during selection copy/move.
  • Playlist has now Alt as Snap Selection to Bar during selection copy/move.
  • Playlist patterns can be changed with drop down by clicking pattern name area.
  • Quick Lasso with Ctrl when using Pen tool.
  • Maximum song length increased from 512 bars to infinite.
  • Preset names for effects now stored.
  • New modern pianoroll note look.
  • Pianoroll notes can be set to display note names.
  • LFO tool in event editor now works in step mode (grid on) too.
  • Mousewheel+CTRL in playlist and piano roll scrolls horizontally.
  • Quick-Select notes or bars by pressing CTRL (no need to switch to lasso).
  • Play cursor follow has two modes, page follow and scroll follow (shortcuts F, Ctrl-F).
  • Internal FX and Internal Generators have more precise mouse tweaking while holding Shift.
  • Mono VST Effect PlugIns can be inserted into stereo tracks now.
  • MIDI-Out presets now store device too.
  • Redo has shortcuts, Shift-Ctrl-Z, Shift-Alt-BackSpace (pairs for Undo shortcuts).
  • Time Window has two new dual time display modes and only one instance of time window allowed.
  • Playlist shortcut 'J' centers view to play cursor.


  • Pattern play start position toggler (beginning/continue) shortcut is now Ctrl-Shift-B.
  • Alt key now used for brush tool in piano roll instead of Ctrl.
  • Maximum tempo is now 500 BPM.

Bug fixes:

  • Many stability issues fixed.
  • Playlist paintbrush tool could paint over audiotracks. Fixed.
  • Playlist grid was occasionally off beat. Fixed.
  • Playlist wasn't updated properly when patterns were edited. Fixed.
  • Sidechain loopback configurations were possible. Fixed.
  • Some generators flickered on non-maximized pianoroll window. Fixed.
  • Pitchbend didn't work when Playback stopped+record was enabled. Fixed.
  • Cut pattern cleared whole pattern even if only few notes were selected. Fixed.
  • Markers jittered somewhat in playlist. Fixed.
  • Highest/lowest numbers in event editors now readable.
  • Playlist pattern double click behaved wrong when Pianoroll already visible. Fixed.
  • Adding active patterns (F11) added patterns to audiotracks. Fixed.
  • Keyboard focus not handled properly certain situations (several non-functional shortcuts). Fixed.
  • When copying a mixer channels settings to another mixer strip, the Mute/Solo settings were not properly updated. Fixed.
  • Tempo spinner max constraint was wrong. Fixed.
  • Double-click on desktop files crashed Orion. Fixed.
  • Clicks on AudioTrack clip start/end. Fixed.
  • Overlapping patterns could not be dragged. Fixed.


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