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Synapse Audio

Synapse Audio has created software for professional music producers since 2000. Our focus is top-notch sound quality, as well as usability. Being musicians ourselves, we like to use tools that help us get our ideas realized quickly, without being slowed down by convoluted workflows.

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Reviewed By milesdeem
June 14th, 2023

Still my favorite VST synth out of everything I've tried, and I've tried pretty much all of the popular ones. Sound of the synth and its filters are so excellent, there is something special about Dune. Very easy to program as well and its almost limitless what you can do with the ability to keep adding layers.

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The Legend
Reviewed By Krakatau
February 12th, 2023

Notoriously the most accurate minimoog emulation, everything is dead easy to manipulate and it sounds beautiful, perhaps a bit short in feature by comparing with Minimonsta for instance, that is a bit outdated but has a bunch of presets from famous keyboardist of the area (like Rick Wakeman), but Legend shines for it silky, creamy, unique, accurate minimoog sounds ...and as somehow analog models, with their circuitry carefully emulated, have each of them their own character it even gives you as feature, the choice between two of them !!.

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Reviewed By Freeform
December 10th, 2022

I just bought this recently. Immediately I can hear the quality. It just doesn't sound thin and digital and that I have to add 4 effects and eq to get it to sound good in a mix. Just try the demo and listen to it, you'll immediately hear quality. Something that felt worth the money when I bought it.

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Reviewed By Chipi
November 28th, 2022

Dune 3.5 is such a high-quality synthesizer that it blows up synths like Korg or Yamaha in electronic sounds. You won't find 4 GB piano sounds or real strings, but the electronic sounds are tops. Consider the price you will pay for it. The power of its leads, the character of its pads and synth basses is unrivaled in the world of synthesis. The reason is the quality and path of the 'analog' signal that it brings inside. Also the drum kicks are powerful and unique. Hopefully in the future there will be improvements and expansion of sample editing so that eventually an acoustic piano or full drum kit can one day be triggered, but maybe Synapse isn't going that way.
In complex sounds in terms of power and quality it surpasses Falcon and Omnisphere by far. Dune's sounds have a unique analog-digital grain and characteristic, nothing sounds like the Dune 3.

Thank you Synapse for such a great musical instrument for the electronic musician! An unbeatable classic in 2022.

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Reviewed By loungedumore
September 20th, 2022

Hands down the Best OB-Xa emulation out here. Oozes the Oberheim 80's cem sound. This OPX Pro II, and OB-E (and SEM) and you got Oberheim shangri la.

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Reviewed By lolilol1975
April 22nd, 2022

Right from the bat, let me say this: Dune 3 is my favorite VSTi.

I own Diva, Zebra, Synthmaster, Spire, VITAL, Surge XT and Sylenth1 v1*.

Dune 3 is the one I'll reach first, and often last as well, VITAL often coming as second. Dune is not the deepest of all those (Zebra arguably still is), and its user interface isn't the best either (VITAL has). But it still has a rich feature set, and its UI is still good and rather simple to understand for someone who already knows software synths. Plus its skins look great.

But what makes it really stand apart is its sound. It just sounds better than all the other synths, and yes that includes the legendary Diva. I don't know what Synapse Audio's secret sauce is, but the oscillators sound great, the 24 filters sound great and the myriad of FX sound great. Including the reverbs, which are often not so good in synths.

The latest release has added a patch generation feature based on a genetic algorithm: choose 2 or more patches and Dune 3 will combine them to generate as many new patches as you want. The result is often surprising. After playing with it, I think every synth should include a patch generator.

Is Dune 3 perfect ? No of course. The browser, right now only has a few categories. You can add new categories but a patch cannot belong to more than one category (for instance a gated pad has to belong to the gated category or the pad category). This improvement alone and the possibility to search several categories would be the functional equivalent of a search by keywords.

Also I wish Dune 3 allowed to input real time audio from the DAW instead of an oscillator. Finally, it lacks a granulator, but I guess that will be added to Dune 4 ?

Apart from that, there is really not much downsides to this synth. Due to the awesome sound combined to the super easy UI and the fact it's light on the CPU, Dune 3 is the definition of a workhorse.

* That's way more software synths than I need. But I simply never use Sylenth1 any more. I also own Dune 2 but I uninstalled it because Dune 3 is equal or superior in pretty much every way, and it comes with all the Dune 2 patches. BTW Dune 3 can read Dune 2 patches, contrarily to what is said in another review.

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Reviewed By soundof
March 6th, 2022

Amazing and flexible sounding VST synth, one of the best ones out there, if you are thinking of getting it, no need, just get it!
The range of excellent sounds is incredible, from the lush pads to aggressive lead sounds!
I would say this is one of those synths that can be truly used to make any type of music with an electronic element, very rich and diverse sound quality.
The addition of the new preset browser and the possibility to generate sounds from other presets just adds another dimension.

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Reviewed By zombemy
January 29th, 2022

Such an amazing plugin. All of Synapse Audio's Plugins sound abnormally good. They honestly have the best sounding plugins I have heard to date. 25 years of experience, and I say this firmly. Massive X sounds amazing too, but does not capture the work flow Synapse has. Top level audio quality, best filters and effects, best layout and UI, etc ? Well worth the $. I'm amazed Synapse isn't as praised as Xfer. I think Serum is fisherprice easy, thus... all the Ableton wHeRe Da WoBbLe guys use it. Anyway, DUNE 3 AND OBESSION ARE PHENOMENAL!.

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