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Tascam updates GigaStudio to v3.0.4


Tascam has updated GigaStudio to v3.0.4.

Main Application Enhancements:

  • More improvements with Hyper Threading compatibility have been made, particularly with USB audio interfaces. This includes dual processor machines. Note: GigaStudio is coded to provide performance benefits on Hyper Threading enabled PCs in the following ways:
    • Projects with heavy VST usage will benefit.
    • HT may provide more polyphony than nonHT systems.
  • Many improvements to the QuickSound database engine have been implemented to speed up searches. Also fixes were implemented to address apparent system hangs when using search delimiters such as "NOT".
  • Compatibility with the UAD1 DSP card has been added.
  • Further improvements have been made to MIDI Mixer mute behavior when used with stacked instruments. Now stack masters act as mute masters without affecting the mute state of the stack members. Also the bright/dim illumination state of the buttons has been given greater contrast. The stack master continues to function as a solo macro, clearing any/all stack member solos when double clicked.

Main Application Maintenance:

  • Fixed: Aux send levels would always restore to inf if they were saved OFF.
  • Collapsed/expanded state of existing stacked instruments will be retained when loading further .gsi files that are also stacked instruments.
  • Fixed: Some GigaPulse content would come up cut off at 3 seconds until Tail Model was clicked off then back on.
  • Incompatibilities between some MIDI keyboard controllers and iMIDI rules have been fixed.
  • When opening an Accelerated Wave instrument in Quick Edit, it is necessary to click the wave display area to cause the engine to draw the waveform. This is to optimize processor usage when drawing an accelerated waveform.
  • Problems with 16bit GSIF2 audio input have been corrected.
  • Fixed: Instruments with 256 Dimensions could previously cause a system crash.
  • Audio will now be muted when loading an instrument to prevent unwanted sounds being triggered by extraneous MIDI input.
  • Fixed: When opening a stack member instrument in the Full Editor, the stack would not be loaded upon closing the Editor & returning to GigaStudio.
  • Problems loading projects containing VST plugins have been corrected. After updating to 3.04, it is necessary to rescan the system for VST plugins.
  • MIDI Mixer output assignments are now saved with a custom .gsp performance when certain settings are checked.
  • The "Save Performance as Default" check box in the File|Save dialog is now functioning correctly.
  • FX UI problems when docking a floated DSP Station window have been fixed.
  • Fixed: EQ and Compressor settings on Group Channels were not saved with a performance.
  • Issues when installing content only over a patch installer have been corrected.
  • Fixed: Group Aux Sends set to Pre would only send to the left side of GigaPulse.

Editor Changes:

  • When opening an Accelerated Wave instrument in the Full Editor, it is necessary to click the wave display area to cause the engine to draw the waveform. This is due to processor requirements when drawing an accelerated waveform.
  • Fixed: Opening an instrument in the Editor where not all regions have the same number of splits could crash the system.
  • Fixed: When proportional drag mode was selected and multiple splits were selected, the Editor may have set some splits to incorrect values.


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