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Shortcircuit v1.0.4 released (+Special Holiday Offer)

Surge Synth Team

Vember Audio has updated Shortcircuit to v1.0.4. They are also running a special holiday discount offer until the end of the year allowing you to purchase Shortcircuit for EU€120 (a 20% discount).

Changes in v1.0.4:

  • The number of instances of Shortcircuit Free allowed has been limited to 2.
  • GUI speed-up.
  • Samples dropped at the keygroupview sometimes had the zone end point set to 0, this is now fixed (appeared in v1.0.3).
  • Small niggle in the piano-keyboard of the keygroup view fixed.
  • New playmodes:
    • Forward loop until release.
    • Forward loop bidirectional.
    • Reverse.
    • Reverse shot.
  • New filters:
    • Comb filter.
    • Sinus oscillator.
  • New modulation sources:
    • Is within loop (outputs 1 when inside the loop, 0 outside). This source is perfect for detuning only the loop.
    • Position in loop (returns the relative position within the loop. clamps to 0 before the start and 1 after the end).
  • Waveform display improvements:
    • More CPU-efficient drawing.
    • Text feedback when editing.
    • Mousewheel zoom and pan (roll wheel to zoom, click & drag horizontally to pan).
    • Restore loop/slices from sample command added to the context-menu.
    • Zoom & scroll position are now remembered when changing filter type.
    • Slice envelope values shown as transparent bars instead of lines.
    • Slices now have editable length.
    • Slices highlight when they're played.

Changes in v1.0.3:

  • Clicks at the zone end-point eliminated.
  • It is now possible to drag & drop audio events from tracks in SX/Nuendo.
  • A bug that could cause distortions with multiple instances was fixed.
  • Minor mousewheel bug fixed.
  • Samplerate issues resolved.

Changes since v1.0.2

  • No longer requires SSE.
  • List navigation using the arrow keys.
  • GUI speed-up.
  • Renamed modulation source for channel aftertouch from "channel AT" to "ch aftertouch".
  • Help file updated.


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