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Synthmaker v0.9.0g beta released


A new beta version of Synthmaker is now available (v0.9.0g).

New Features:

  • A Code component for programming your own DSP algorithms.
  • You can now manually force the connector type for the module input and output components. Just right-click on the connector and select a type from the pop-up window.
  • Cancel all filters by right-clicking on the filter bar.
  • Tooltip help is now available on the components within the schematic itself.
  • The default zoom position is now indicated by a notch on the zoom slider. The slider 'snaps' to this position for easy zoom resetting. You can also double-click on the zoom slider to reset or you can middle mouse click within the schematic window.
  • Jump to any level in the navigator by pressing the corresponding function key. F1 will always go to the top level. If you press a key that refers to a level beyond those available, you'll jump to the last level in the navigator.
Bug Fixes:
  • The rendered VSTi was causing crashes in some hosts. In particular, Tracktion and EnergyXT. This has now been resolved.
  • Float to Poly conversion is now done at the connector.
  • The Selector now works with Poly data.
  • Some editing functionality was erroneously included in the rendered VSTi.
  • The Selector component would crash during some undo operations.
  • It was possible to zoom the schematic window using the mouse wheel even when the mouse pointer was over a different window.
  • When using the cursor keys to move a component, the navigator wasn't being updated and some redrawing on the schematic view was incorrect.


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