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Techivation releases T-De-Esser Pro - New De-Esser plug-in


Techivation has announced the release of T-De-Esser Pro, an upgrade to their earlier released version T-De-Esser Plus. It comes with several additional advanced options for professional audio cleanup.


  • Side Chain Frequency Modes: Side Chain Frequency Modes include four specific side-chained frequency bands to detect harsh sounds.
  • CPU Optimized: Optimized for low CPU usage on both Windows and macOS.
  • Oversampling: Oversampling in T-De-Esser Pro helps you decrease aliasing by executing the internal process at a higher sample rate than the host, up to 16 times higher. (In other words, it should improve the quality of your audio.).
  • GUI Scale: Scale up/down the GUI from 80% to 150% according to your preferences.
  • Undo/Redo: Undo and redo options are built inside the plugin, You no longer need to worry about losing setting values.
  • Mid/side Mode: T-De-Esser Pro's Mid/side option lets you process a stereo track's center and side signals individually.
  • Stereo Link: This option balances the depth of processing between the left and right or mid and side channels, as determined by the stereo Mode toggle.
  • A/B Switch: Compare different options fast and easy to see which might work best.
  • Audition: This feature allows you to quickly listen to the De-Esser filter's frequency range or just the effect of the De-Esser on your signal.
  • Lookahead: The Lookahead function allows the de-esser to "see" the input signal before it is processed, allowing it to handle transitory information better and make the attack smoother.
  • Mix: The "Mix" option regulates the mix of the two input and output signals, making it ideal for parallel processing.
  • Attack/Release Control: The attack setting controls how long the de-esser takes to engage, while the release setting controls how long it takes to let go.
  • Custom Frequency Range: This feature allows you to choose your custom frequency range in high frequencies for a more accurate result.
  • Saturation: The saturation feature in T-De-Esser Pro adds a unique color and texture to the sound, helping the de-esser in some cases to make a smoother sound.
  • Hi-cut: It's a very gentle filter that may fade away some of the harsh frequencies, resulting in a more pleasing sound when used in conjunction with the de-esser.

Price: $90.00.

Everyone with a valid Techivation account is eligible to start or continue a 14/day free trial period evaluation with no feature limitations before making a purchase.

Sign up for a Techivation account using your email address inside the free T-De-Esser Plus.



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