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Tone2 releases Banser soundset for Electra2

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audio has released the Banser soundset for their synthesizer-workstation Electra2.

They say:

This soundset is best used to inspire your creative mind, to take you to new sonic territory in modern styles such as Trap, Pop, Bay Area Beats, Reggaeton, Hyperpop, and R&B.

The collection of both curious and chaotic sounds allow for a great contrast in your productions, with plenty of flexibility for sample making, sci-fi scores, or accent layering for already existing projects.


  • 187 Sounds.
  • Every preset has been designed to sound fresh before any mixer effects.
  • Created by Banser and ColdFrontVilla Collective.
  • All samples used were created exclusively for this kit using foley and analog hardware.
  • Arps can be turned off and layers can be soloed to customize the sounds for your song.
  • Arp layers contain sounds that are different from the rest of the set.
  • Integrated using new Electrax 2.8 functionality.
  • Sounds are very interesting when reversed as well.
  • Creative basses are included for bridges/interludes.
  • Volume of each preset has been properly normalized.
  • Use the mod-wheel with your mouse or MIDI controller to find new timbres & tones. Alternatively, you can automate the mod wheel in your DAW for more sonic variation in your productions.
  • Sounds are made to sound interesting and usable at extreme transposition.

Patch Breakdown:

  • 47 Arpeggiators.
  • 24 Keys.
  • 24 Pads.
  • 22 Basses.
  • 27 Bell & Plucks.
  • 23 Leads.
  • 20 Synth & Accents.

Price: €39 / $39 at tone2.com/banser

MP3 demo: tone2.com/mp3download/Tone2_Electra2_Banser.mp3



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