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2nd Floor college house, 17, King Edwards Road, Ruislip London HA4 7AE UNITED KINGDOM

We are a team of music producers, audio engineers, and developers with a passion for creating tools that will make the music production process smoother, faster, and more fun. We love innovation and believe there's no limit to improvement and creativity.

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Reviewed By mat222
May 25th, 2023

Superb. Was waiting for Techivation to make a plugin like this and it's perfect. Very very good plugin.

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Reviewed By MattAtPlaton
January 6th, 2023

One of those "great plugins you didn't know you needed," T-Imager allows you to balance the ratio between the mid signal and the side signal in a very intuitive way.

Much like a tilt EQ, you just sort of rotate the dial until you like what you hear. There aren't a lot of variables to consider, which is a good thing.

When you mess with the mid/side image of your mix, it's easier to get it wrong than right. T-Imager solves that issue with a very simple interface and very low latency.

In most cases, when your mix sounds kind of lackluster and drowned in fx, tilt the dial more towards the mid side to clear it up.

You can also tilt more towards the side image to bring out reverbs and ambience.

Definitely worth trying out.

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Reviewed By RobertSchulz
December 9th, 2022

The sound of this compressor is great. It has 4 fundamental modes in which you can run it (my personal favorite is the "Crispy" mode, it brings shine to the source in an instant).

I also really like the feature that you can put 3 instances of the actual compressor plugin in serial, means you can even create your own costumized chains consisting of different compressor modes, which is awesome.

Big shoutout for the VST2 compatibility, the auto-gain and the Dry/Wet parameter.

But there also are some disadvantages.

1. NO GLOBAL CONTROLS - Depite the amazing fact to chain up to 3 compressor instances inside of the plugin itself, you don't have any global controls to control all of them at once.

For example, I can dry/wet each individual compressor (which is super) but at the other hand, I can't smooth out the whole chain because there isn't a global Dry/Wet parameter provided.

Also I am missing a global BYPASS to compare the output with the input signal properly. At the moment, I only can bypass single compressor instances. And if I need to use a lot of A/B comparison, this will cost a decent amount of time.

2. Input/Output Fader has no meter - In some cases it can be useful to have a meter for the input and/or output signal right in the plugin. This also would give better help for using the THRESHOLD parameter.

3. Switching of the instance's position is not possible. - This could be a nice feature for an updated version. If you use all of the 3 instances for example, one cannot switch compressor 3 with 1 or compressor 1 with 2. That could really change the sound a lot.

4. Manual is not directly accesible from inside of the plugin. - A rather nit-picky one but worth to mention nonetheless. The manual lies in the downloaded installer files, but can't be accessed anyhow from inside of the plugin. Of course, the number of parameters T-Compressor has is fairly no so much, but it could give some help understanding the plugin for the ones who come new into it.

In short: A good tool but 4/5 stars because there is still place to go upwards.

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Reviewed By monophonK
November 16th, 2022

Again a compressor? Yes, another compressor, but what a compressor! Despite the minimal settings,
this one has an excellent influence on the signal.

You can choose between:
"fully transparent or three other sound colors including "Clean", "Crispy", "Warm" and "Thick".
Clean: The compressor sounds fully transparent when the "Clean" mode is selected.
Crispy: This mode adds more brightness and a unique color to the sound.
Warm: It adds warmth and an analog vibe to the sound when selected.
Thick: This mode helps make the sound more open and three-dimensional, as well as bringing dull sounds to life."

I also like the design and the GUI very much. Keep it up.

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Reviewed By zisser
October 17th, 2022

The T-Puncher is a simple and effective transient enhancer. Actually it goes both ways.. Dial to the right and enhance the transients go left to tame them.

It sounds great and includes some cool features such as high/low ranges, dry/wet mix and even soft cliper.
There are two modes soft and hard and they will change the charater of the effect.

Here is a walkthough and demo.


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Reviewed By CanIEditThisLater
October 14th, 2022

Punch without harshness

A very useful transient shaper. I have put it on drum loops and even synth pluck sounds to make them cut through the mix. I'm far from being an advanced user, but was able to get results quickly. I also like the interface of the Techivation plugins.
Two tips:

  1. Be sure to use the output gain slider to level out the before and after signal, this way you're not fooled by volume differences when you bypass the plugin.
  2. When using transient tools, it can be helpful to load your favorite oscilloscope and compare the before and after when sculpting sounds.

Be sure to also get their free De-Esser and put it on your hi-hats, works wonders.

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T-De-Esser Pro
Reviewed By TMaudio
September 15th, 2022

Another home-run here! Although T-DeEsser Pro is packed with features, it is surprisingly easy to use. It is intuitive and the layout makes sense. I love the powerful monitoring features so you can hone in on what you want to eliminate and what you want to avoid affecting. To boot it also has its own touch of saturation, if you want it, and it too is tweakable.

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Reviewed By TMaudio
August 31st, 2022

Great sound. I've said this before about T-Warmer, that it is like a less muddy version of a certain popular low-end enhancer. If I match perceived low frequency content and energy and then of course overall level, I end preferring T-Warmer every time.

I have tried it on heavy electric guitars, death metal style, and T-Warmer does incredible things to make the low end gyrate. I tested it on a full mix as well and there, the mix knob is indispensable so as not to over do it.

I also tried it on female and male vocals, and depending on the recording, T-Warmer can actually help prevent over EQ'ing the top end due to sensing harshness.

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