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NAMM 2016TEControl releases USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2


TEControl has released the USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2 (BBC2), an updated and improved version of their USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller.

In addition to breath pressure and bite force, the BBC2 is now capable of sensing inclination in two axes (Nod for up/down and Tilt for lateral head movements), giving musicians quadruple hands-free continuous MIDI control data streams. These allow adding nuanced expression and realism to virtual instrument performances.

The BBC2 features an improved mouthpiece with a food-grade plastic cover that, unlike the silicone cover of the older model, can withstand teeth pressure while retaining enough sensitivity to still allow lip force sensing for those who prefer it. In addition the new cover can easily be removed for cleaning.

Price: €199.99 (ex VAT and shipping). The BBC2 is available for worldwide shipping from TEControl's online shop.



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