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Tone2 Audiosoftware releases UltraSpace effect Plug-in for PC and Mac

Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Audiosoftware has released its new UltraSpace effect plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in VST and AU plug-in formats.

UltraSpace is an ambience-modeling solution. It is designed to simulate nearly any kind of room, echo or acoustic environment with high sound quality. UltraSpace is more than a reverb - it is a compilation of different effect units covering all important aspects of space simulation. By combining these units, completely new and unique effects can be created.

Tone2 has tried to unify the advantages of many popular hardware devices in one plugin. Because of its modular design and its flexibility, UltraSpace covers a large sonic range.

Main features:

  • One compact plugin as an all-in-one solution for everything related to ambient simulation.
  • Can replace a large number of expensive hardware units.
  • Modules can be combined to create new and unique effects.
  • Large sonic range, and usable for a large number of applications.
  • 150 inspiring created by professionals.
  • Visual real-time displays and tooltips to make it easy to use.
  • Low CPU demand and multicore CPU support.


A smooth yet lively reverb module is designed to offer a high sound quality and add lush space to productions. The flexible and easy to use unit can simulate nearly any kind of room: From tiny to giant, from dark to bright, from cold to warm. A randomize function can be used to create a large number of different environments. A display visualizes the time response in real-time.


The flexible multitap is useful for a large number of applications, like multitap delays, filtered echoes, complex rhythmic sequences, huge ambient soundscapes, custom textures, infinite loops or thick ensembles.


Several smart algorithms and filters can clean up the mix automatically and remove uncomfortable-sounding garbage:

  • The surround module can be used for stereo widening or Dolby Pro Logic -compatible encoding.
  • The 'duck' module can help to make the mix sound more transparent and lush. It dynamically adjusts the volume of the effect-mix and prevents delays clashing with the original signal. It keeps the transients and important portions of the melodies clean by attenuating the effect in real time.
  • The integrated gate module can be used to fatten drums with 'gated reverb', for noise reduction, or to cut long reverb tails for a cleaner mix.

The routing allows a combination of the different effect modules and provides lots of creative potential: Gated reverb for drums, ensembles with echo, ducking delays, rhythmic reverbs, giant ambient textures, shuffled drum rolls, noise reduction, surround spaces, or completely new effects.

Price: €59 / $79.



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