Universal Piper

Universal Piper - The Bagpipe Lab has been updated to v4.0.2 for Mac OS and Windows and version 2.0.0 has been released for iOS.

Changes - Mac / Win v4.0.2:

  • Instrument - A new bagpipe Pibau Cyrn (welsh pipe).
  • Audio engine – sticking notes on fast note sequences fixed.
  • Play/rec – manual position on MIDI file fixed.
  • Play/rec – the MIDI recorder now takes into account pitchbend and generates note OFF.
  • Play/rec – the audio recorder no longer generates a sliced sound.
  • Graphical interface – holding button now 3 sec instead of 1 sec to center to prevent misuse.
  • User manual access from the about panel fixed.
  • MIDI – Hevia MIDI controller standard fingering added.
  • MIDI – p2chanter controller GHB and smallpipes fingering added.
  • MIDI – technopipe fingering entirely reviewed: Completed: asturian, galician open and closed, French and GHB. Drone activation has been set. If you used one of those fingering, change the fingering temporarily and switch back to your desired fingering to reset the drone configuration. Added: veuze, Welsh, SSP, baghet, biniou, Belarus, Swedish, Estonian, medieval, Northumbrian, Bulgarian, English.

Changes - iOS 2.0.0:

  • Instruments: All factory instruments are now at least 2 octaves. The user instruments remain unchanged.
  • New user interface: entirely redesigned.
  • Rotary button: maintain pressed or double click to center a rotary button.
  • New home page: gather the instruments main settings and improve visibility of the current instrument (formally preset).
  • New 440 Hz button: tune to 440 Hz in one click.
  • New harmony page: gather the tone, scale, drones tuning, second voice and MIDI chanter selection.
  • Scale modification (formally mode management) can be set for each instrument and activated dynamically.
  • Vibrato (pitchbend) depth of your MIDI device can be tuned.
  • Effect page: gather all effects on a pedalboard.
  • Pre-defined settings are available for each effect. You can access all the parameters choosing « custom ».
  • New « import effects » function: this function allows you to import the effects configuration from another instrument in the current one.
  • Delay: set the tempo by value or tap tempo.
  • Page magneto: gather a MIDI reader & recorder, a BWW reader and a metronome.
  • New MIDI recorder.
  • Metronome can now play different beats.
  • New fine tuning page: gather all instrument tunings, chanter and drones, in one page.
  • New "duplicate function": you've tuned a bagpipe to your taste and would like to use this same tuning on another bagpipe? Easy. Select a bagpipe you want to tune, press "duplicate tuning" and select the bagpipe with the tuning you want to copy. A bit of drones fine tuning might be useful.
  • MIDI page: gather all settings to control Universal Piper with MIDI.
  • New "automatic toggle detection" mode for all ON/OFF MIDI parameter: a short ON/OFF pulse will be interpreted as a toggle, a long ON/OFF sequence as a momentary switch.
  • New MIDI controls: LA440, Glissando, delay tempo, chanter scale modification.
  • New chanter stop delay following a note off reception. Allows you to ignore short silences.
  • New MIDI chanter: trino, degerpipe 2+ Baroque/Bechonnet/Medieval/Gaita/Gaita extended, p2chanter, hevia, more technopipes fingering.
  • Hardware page: audio and MIDI input settings.
  • You can now set your audio output as double mono output.
  • Supports Bluetooth MIDI adapters.
  • Automatic detection and activation of the MIDI inputs.
  • Inter App Audio support.


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