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Vengeance Sound updates VPS Avenger to v1.3.4

Vengeance Sound

Vengeance Sound has updated Vengeance Producer Suite - Avenger to v1.3.4.

Changes in v1.3.4:

  • Added VMANAGER (beta) to manage the expansions in your account.
  • Added snap for ARP Pattern length.
  • Improved preset search startup (loading a index list from harddrive so that it must not be created each time the plugin is started).
  • Fixed a issue for OS X GUI implementation that caused a very high CPU usage.
  • Fixed a crash caused by the COMB KEY filter.
  • Fixed a tuning error for C-3...D#-3.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.
  • Fixed a issue where arp pattern length 16 could result in length 17.
  • Fixed a issue that caused the routing display to show "#ERROR" after initializing a OSC and disabling a filter-route.
  • Fixed a problem with pitch-steps-parameter calculation.
  • Fixed a click-noise at sample loops points (introduced with 1.3.0).
  • Fixed a issue where removing a module could cause a routing into a module of the same type for two times (i.e. 2x shaper1 when removing shaper 2).
  • Fixed a issue with DelayFX-Kill Feedback if it is pressed manually and is modified via the mod matrix could cause a CPU spike.

Changes in v1.3.3 - hot-fix:

  • Fixed a crash starting a sound from the drum kit.

Changes in v1.3.2:

  • Fixed a issue where it may occur that not all expansions were visible.
  • Fixed a issue with recursive cross FM (OSC3-> OSC2 ->OSC 1) where OSC3 was not handled correct.


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