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VSL updates Vienna Ensemble Pro to v4.0.4536, Vienna Suite to v1.2.1367 (incl. VST3), Vienna Imperial to v1.0.441 (Intel-Mac only)

Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL)

VSL has released updates for: Vienna Ensemble Pro (v4.0.4536), Vienna Suite (v1.2.1367) and the Intel-Mac version of Vienna Imperial (v1.0.441).

Changes in Vienna Ensemble Pro v4.0.4536:

  • External MIDI ports now accessible from server instances.
  • Improved plug-in host project loading behavior so preserved sessions will load data automatically.
  • Added decoupled save mode to Server Interface plug-in - activating "Decouple" does not include the loaded plug-in data of Vienna Ensemble Pro when you save the project in your sequencer. Very convenient to have short saving times when working with 3rd party plug-ins.
  • Added possibility to select external MIDI inputs when used as a plug-in.
  • Fixed bug causing the Server Interface not to be recognized in Sonar.
  • Fixed disappearing 3rd-party plug-in view when clicking in channel pane empty region.
  • Fixed meta-operations lagging by one mouse event.
  • WIN: Fixed disappearing scrollbar on mixer area.
  • WIN Vista/7: Fixed color contrast of VSTi preset combobox list background.
  • VST WIN: Fixed FXpansion DCAM plug-in compatibility.
  • AU: Fixed compatibility with Korg Legacy series plug-ins.
  • AU: Fixed empty plug-in editor for Arturia plugins.
  • AU: Fixed crash when loading presets in Ohmboyz plug-in.
  • AU: Fixed crash with SondToys Crystallizer.
  • AU: Improved behavior of Applied Acoustics Systems plug-in editors.
  • AU: Fixed crash with LennarDigital Sylenth1.
  • AU: Fixed crash with Soundlib G-Player.
  • Fixed MIDI channel 14 not displaying correctly on folded mixer strips.
  • Added support for resizing plug-in editors.
  • Improved behavior and look of the generic VST editor.
  • Improved speed of saving projects.
  • Fixed crash in Server Interface plug-in when repeatedly saving a project during playback.
  • Added workaround for initialization bug of Kontakt, which caused issues with LASS and The Trumpet.
  • Fixed bugs when pasting channel inserts/sends/output.
  • Fixed color of send names on mixer strip.

Changes in Vienna Suite v1.2.1367:

  • Added VST3 capability to all plug-ins.
  • OS X: Added 64-bit Intel architecture.
  • OS X: Added Cocoa GUIs for all plug-ins.
  • Added dynamic latency compensation to Convolution Reverb.

Changes in Vienna Imperial v1.0.441:

  • Intel-OS X: 64-bit version added.


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