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Willow Software updates Anvil Studio to version 2012.07.01

Willow Software

Willow Software updated Anvil Studio to version 2012.07.01.

Improvements include:

  • More VST-Instruments are now supported, including the Korg M1 Le.
  • Works well with more VST-Instrument Editors.
  • Added checkbox to Key Signature and Custom Time Signature dialogs to allow changes to apply to all tracks.
  • Enhanced Track/Merge menu - it includes an option to merge all enabled tracks, and supports filtering out short notes.
  • Added a Zoom control to the TAB viewer.
  • Added support for Locrian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian modes to the existing Major and Minor keys.

Problems fixed:

  • When playing a song that has VST-Instrument tracks and no audio tracks, adjusting the Audio Mix Vol slider while the song is playing no longer causes the song to pause.
  • Adjusting this slider can eliminate VST-Instrument distortion.
  • Got around a problem where some VST-Instruments would crash when bringing their editor via the View / Mixer's FX button.
  • Other minor problems.


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