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Willow Software updates free version of Anvil Studio to host VST-Instruments

Willow Software

Willow Software has updated the free version of Anvil Studio, version 2012.01.01, to act as a host for VST-Instruments. Previously, the only software synthesizer available with the free version was the Windows-supplied GS Wavetable Synthesizer. With an external MIDI keyboard, Anvil Studio can now be used for multi-track sound-on-sound recording, and real-time performance with no delays due to GS Wavetable Synthesizer's high latency.

Changes in version 2012.01.01:

  • The free version of Anvil Studio now includes access to a single VST-Instrument. This provides a wealth of new sounds and overcomes latency problems with the Microsoft GS Wavetable synthesizer.
  • With the Pro-Mix accessory a song can play to several VST-Instruments and MIDI Out ports at the same time.
  • The free version supports audio sample rates up to 48,000 samples per second.
  • With Multi-Audio 1/8 accessory, it supports sample rates as high as your soundcard supports, up to 192,000 samples per second.
  • View / Options / General can now assign Ctrl+V to shortcuts, e.g. Edit / Paste Insert, Edit / Paste Over, Edit / Paste Mix, Edit / Paste Special, etc.
  • The menus Edit / Insert Rests into All Tracks and Edit / Delete Selection from All Tracks are now also enabled when editing Audio tracks. When used, they ask if change is to apply to all Audio and/or all MIDI tracks. It lets you select units from Measures, quarter notes, ... Audio Samples, Milliseconds.
  • When the Multi-Audio 8/16 is installed, you can record to MIDI and Audio tracks simultaneously.
  • When multiple display monitors are available, Anvil Studio starts up in the same monitor it was in when it last closed. In previous versions, it always started up in the primary display monitor.
  • The new version works with more VST-Instruments including DSK_SF2. Works better with 32-bit int ASIO drivers.
  • If you have a VST-Instrument or DirectX effect that doesn't work with Anvil Studio.
  • please let support@AnvilStudio.com know, and we'll address it.
  • A problem with the Piano Roll / Rhythm editor's Snap-to-grid control was fixed.

Visit AnvilStudio.com/vstidemo to see a tutorial for using VST-Instruments with Anvil Studio.

For more details, visit AnvilStudio.com.



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