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Dream Synth Module Plugin by Spectrasonics
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Atmosphere has an average user rating of 4.44 from 16 reviews

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Reviewed By CadeBryant [all]
May 11th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

Atmosphere is an extremely useful and inspiring tool for just about any electronic composer/arranger......not only for new age and soundtracks and special effects (which Atmosphere is obviously well suited for), but also for pop, dance, and even classical.

Most of the sounds fall into the categories of evolving soundscapes, lush pads, bell tones, and complex unusual timbres that can be dreamy, spooky, trance-like, and eerie.

But one of the big surprises for me was the string patches: they are simply gorgeous, and they instantly inspire all kinds of melodic/harmonic ideas. you can get lost for hours sitting at your keyboard with the Cathedral Strings or Adagio Expressivo patches. Unlike most ROMpler/workstation generic string pads, these strings are actually good enough for classical arrangements! It's true that a "dedicated" orchestral library like GPO or EWQLSO Silver will give you more "realistic" sounds and a greater range of articulations........but those sounds, in all their pristine purity, don't "inspire" me to make music the way the Atmosphere strings do. You can really fatten up your orchestral arrangements by layering these sounds behind your "real" string parts.

My only real gripe is that, just as with Trilogy, some of the patches don't come with enough velocity sensitivity for my taste, and you have to manually adjust this to get it just right.
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Discussion: Active
17 January 2013 at 4:59am

Hi everyone, i will ask something maybe stupid or not, but it would be very helpful for me if you can give an answer.. I'm not a keyboard player, but i use keyboard vsti plugins usually. One of the vsti i use is Atmosphere (spectrasonics), and i've found that the main data file, with the sounds, is a unique 4 Gb file with the .dat extension. I would like to know if it's possible, to "extract" certain sounds from this 4 Gb file and use it with a real synth, or some way to get the wave file of that sounds i'm interested in.

I know it sounds very ambitious but due to spectrasonics atmosphere doesn't exist as hardware, i needed to ask. This question extended to another vsti's as well, like Nexus, or Plugsound......

Thanks a lot for all.

6 December 2013 at 1:19pm

What are you trying to play the sounds with? Hardware I mean?

8 January 2017 at 5:53pm


I am very annoyed : i bought my atmosphere VST in 6 cd on Ebay to an english seller several years before; The serial number and challenge i used worked very well. Then, after several years, my computer was KO ; i have just bought a new one ; the registration of atmosphere doesnt work anymore. I have called spectrasonics : no way they tell me that i do not belong to their buyer base ??? so as my reisgtration number . I have sent them a photo with my 6 cd but no way??? They just advise me to buy omnisphere 2 ... but i cant pay 400 € ; and anyway i have already paied for my VST. I dont want omnispohere ; i jus want my atmosphere. They dont accept. Could Someone help ?


best regards.

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