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Reviewed By botkiller [all]
February 20th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

I know that many circuit bending purists will often say that there's no way that you can get the feel of circuit bent hardware in software, but to me, it's all just sounds, and I like anything that gives me something new to make sounds with. Bent is a nice little tool for that, and I'm a huge fan of anything FSU related - if it can glitch, glitch it, I say.

Bent has a nice little interface, pretty easy on the eyes and easy to use. I like the old school circuit board look. The "Jitter", "Morph" and "Grain" controls are easy to use with their slider interface. They were pretty responsive, which I also liked.

The sound is nice and dirty, with lots of grit and stuttering added to the source sound. I was taking house tracks and making them dirty and glitched out fast and easy with Bent. It's cool to drop Bent onto a signal chain and just let it mess something up, you can make something new out of that pretty easily.

One thing I'd really like though is a little more grit and distortion. I found myself having to add a distortion effect to get that extra punch that distortion gives to anything Glitch based. I also like a pitch shift of some kind, to really take the sound WAY down or up and really freak it out - but the simplicity of Bent works well too, because most Circuit bent tools aren't overly complex anyway.

Overall, a cool plugin, all I wish is that there were an AU version!
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