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Reviewed By cyrb [all]
October 28th, 2021
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

FMMF implements what I like to call "Broken FM".

It's trying to be a 4-op FM synth like the TX81z but it fails spectacularly. I've found it absolutely impossible to make a usable E-Piano or Brass sound. The operators do not work at all as they should. The AMP sliders should be controlling the FM modulation, but most patches have them all at 100% and they are hardly modulating each other. For that, I regrettably must give it a low rating. I'm surprised this got 3rd place in the competition. I expected something at least better than Uno FM, but it's actually worse. If you want a good example of a 4-op FM synth, see eFemme, Exakt Lite, or even Panzertank PM4 which was also made in SynthEdit.

That said, if you want weird sound effects, industrial or chiptune sounds - you might find something here. But this certainly can NOT do basic DX100 or Mega Drive 4-op FM sounds. I invite you to prove me wrong and upload some patches to KVR.

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Reviewed By The Chase [all]
May 5th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

The core sound is rough. This is not going to get you sound quality on the level of Dexed or FM8. Using an oversampler or cranking your DAW's sample rate will help in that regard.

However, it excels in being based around such complex envelope options. For creating complex soundscapes that vividly evolve over time, this is an unbeatable addition to your freeware collection.

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Reviewed By bduffy [all]
April 1st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.x on Windows

sixtyfive is one of the things I miss from when I was using Windows. God, I would kill for a Mac port of this (but I realize that's impossible).

I've tried UAD's and Waves' dbx emus, and to me, this one sounds the best, retaining the bottom end of the input and not collapsing into digital mush as quickly as the aforementioned—especially at high gain-reduction levels.

It's worth 10x its asking price. Cannot recommend it enough.

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Reviewed By Starship Krupa [all]
April 1st, 2017
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows

Do yourself a favor and try the only freeware dbx compressor emulation around.

This is a truly amazing compressor, the one that has most helped me grasp what good compressors are capable of. I can make my vocals float 6" in front of the rest of the mix with it.

If it were available in a 64-bit build, I would need no other track compressor. As it is, I am scrambling to try to get close to this one using MCompressor and ReaComp.

The included presets are obscurely named, and their output is set to greater than unity, but that is not unheard of in the plug-in scene.

Kudos, many thanks to De la Mancha for creating such a great piece of software in the first place, and then releasing it as freeware.

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Dynamite Cowbell

Reviewed By manyserious [all]
February 2nd, 2014
Version reviewed: XP SP3 on Windows

I am a great, great lover of plugins that do just one thing well and in a straightforward manner. This is a very good example, right up there with Clap of Luxury by xoxos, though not as flexible because it uses samples as opposed to synthesizing the cowbell sounds in real time -- which would be awesome, but the samples used here are solid and there's enough variety that I think this will be my source for cowbell sounds for a long time. Obviously writing this VST was just a lark for this very talented developer, but it's nonetheless very great. Thanks to de la Mancha.

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Reviewed By U-o [all]
November 28th, 2012
Version reviewed: XP on Windows

Often I ask myself if it is necessary to buy commercial plugins. Yes, it is... sometimes. The first time when I used this plugin I was really excited; clean GUI, just few knobs and good results... ideal for beginers.

Over time I started to see minor flaws. The biggest problem for me are these knobs: Ratio, Attack and Release. I don't know why, but Threshold (0 - -40dB) and Make-Up (0 - +20dB) knobs can be turned gradually (I'm using FL studio and I can see knob's current value in "Hint Bar"). Ratio could be set from 1.5:1 to infinity, but value in Hint Bar starts in 0.0000, and it shows 4 when it is 10:1 (???WHY???), moreover knob only "jumping" from value to another value and turning is not smooth. This is similar for knobs Atack and Release. Therefore, I think, that you can't set exact values, but only approximate values for these knobs. If you want something more precise, I suggest to buy de la Mancha Sixtyfive compressor - it's only 15$.

I really like VU meter (very useful) and also "Dirt" button - I loved it on drum bus. When "Dirt" button is ON, CPU is little higher, but not more than 5% in my old laptop (1.6GHz).

If you want good, free and easy to use compressor, get it, you can't go wrong.

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dirty harry

Reviewed By Sendy [all]
September 20th, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.0.1 on Windows

Sounds pretty much like a C-64 that's been thrown down several flights of stairs and stomped on, and that's why I love it! The waveforms at it's disposal are all gnarly polypulses and otherwise jagged curves. Some of the waveforms are a sample of several cycles, producing a glitchy rattling effect in the higher registers. In fact, this synth makes so many flavours of broken circuit-bent noise, that it's come to be one of my favourites for lo-fi!

Three oscillators with a large selection of unhealthy waveforms, ring and sync, a very cool resonant lowpass, an amp and filter/pitch envelope, and two LFO's are at your disposal. Modulation possibilities are not infinite, and you'll find things you can't do, but that's all part of the game. It's about what you CAN do, and how gnarled and ripped you can make it sound :)

Of special note to me is the oscillator sync option, which is interesting in that it seems to sync according to the zero-crossings of the master, not just once per cycle. This means that the master, as well as the slave, will have an effect on the resultant timbre.

After the main synth section several options are present to further humiliate the sound. Bitrate reduction is on offer in a few flavours, as is a long menu of 'dirt' modifiers for the waveform, which are all subtly different and consist of such wonders as saturation, wave rectification, clipping, and forcing the waveform onto a landmine. Ok, I just made that up, but certainly you can expect injury to occurr here if need be, and often you'll end up with a signal containing DC-offset. You might want to have a highpass filter on standby.

Furthermore there's a pitch destabilizer with variable speed and offset, which can produce analogue style drift or wretched buzzing, and my favourite, the 'messy contacts' emulation section. This can be mixed in gradually and produces a variety of effects from red noise to a pulsating shadow underneath the sound, to almost slapback room type effects. It's both dirty and dimensional at the same time, and can really give sounds a unique and interesting character, and used subtly, it will just add some randomness to the waveform which is very welcome.

If you use circuit-bent, glitchy, broken sounding synth tones, I'm sure you'll love this synth. There's a huge range of tones from straight to completely %#~£ed and a unique quality I've not heard anywhere else. It's also 'dirt' cheap! Ha!
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Reviewed By Ghostwave [all]
November 18th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

QB-3, de la Mancha's vintage style EQ is a beauty. It has everything you need to add a nice color to your instruments. Its features are what you would expect from such a plugin and "only" being a 3-band EQ does not make it any less useful. Unlike transparent EQs, I use QB-3 to boost certain frequencies instead of cutting the others, and therefore in a more a creative way.
I really appreciate the 40Hz cut, which helps make room for that kick drum and other low-end stuff and the possibility of typing values directly under the knobs.
Support is excellent and the documentation shows you in depth the process behind QB-3. The price tag, just like all DLM plugins, is extremely affordable.
The presets selection is good but just like presets on any EQ, they will have to be tweaked a little to achieve that sound you are looking for.
Finally, if you like that vintage sound, you could also check out the rest of the DLM vintage series (GTO/GTX compressors and ClipStar), which is just as stellar.
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