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Distortion / Overdrive / Amp Plugin by Voxengo

Boogex has an average user rating of 4.20 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Boogex

Reviewed By rcrath [read all by] on July 21st, 2021
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows.
Last edited by rcrath on 21st July 2021.

This is listed as no longer available, but version 3, a seriously excellent update, is available at Voxengo. Here is my demo of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKKMolMmPeM The tone stack has been updated and the sound engine is a major upgrade from v1 and v2. Dynacab is a great new feature. One of the best free amps anywhere.

Reviewed By The Chase [read all by] on May 5th, 2018
Version reviewed: 2.3 on Windows.
Last edited by The Chase on 5th May 2018.

Revolutionary upon its release and hasn't lost a bit of charm in all its years. This is still a very useful cabinet simulator.

I haven't found its built-in distortion to be so hot for guitar/lead distortion. I recommend using Boogex after your own distortion of choice. Team this with a modern, proper circuit-modelling distortion, and I guarantee you'll be impressed.

Reviewed By robohymn [read all by] on December 19th, 2014
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows

This is easily one of the best free amp plugins. The cleaner tones (in particular the factory preset "picky jazz") stand next to the commercial amp plugin I have in terms of tone and useability, no problem. Can load your own cabinet impulses! Also sounds nice running my hardware synths through it. Very nice job by Voxengo, they deserve thanks for releasing this free of charge.

Reviewed By pmj_rit [read all by] on April 12th, 2014
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows.
Last edited by pmj_rit on 12th April 2014.

This is what I was looking for. Serious dirt, but under my control.

This I would pay for.

I haven't fully investigated it yet. If I am allowed to I may edit this review.

Reviewed By rgonzale [read all by] on April 12th, 2008
Version reviewed: 1.3.1 on Windows
I don't understand why this is FREE... Boogex is unique, flexible, and sounds great.

Convolution simulation of numerous speaker cabinets: various diameter and number of cones, various microphone positions. This feature alone is priceless, and can be used "clean" if you turn the Drive knob down. The cabinets range from 6" practice amps to 15" bass/keyboard cabinets, and some of the mic positions are far enough out that you get room ambience (completely realistic thanks to the convolution technique).

Emphasis and Cut section lets you selectively distort specific frequency bands with a great visual interface. (The effect is pre-distortion EQ followed by the inverse EQ post-distortion.) This is extremely useful for controlling the distortion sound.

In addition there are conventional Lows/Mids/Highs EQ and Tone controls, adjustable Drive, Dynamics (compression I guess), Phase (?), and Out level. I couldn't find a manual for it but you don't really need it: move the controls and you'll hear what they're doing.

Boogex lets you dial in the exact tone you want, from fuzz to blues OD to metal lead, etc. Also great for bass, keyboards, etc. I would have paid $$ for this, but don't tell Voxengo! (I guess it's a good advertising gimmick because I ended up buying Elephant and Marquis from them.)

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