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Reviewed By Sendy [read all by] on 25th September 2010
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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Another 'vintage' VSTi which still sounds good today. Claw, being free and sounding as good as it does, deserves to be in every computer musician's arsenal. While it is capable of bass and acid-like lines, I find it lends it's self most of all to sleazy leads, backing synthlines, and the odd outlandish effect.

The one oscillator offers (and crossfades between) the usual square and sawtooth, but also a triangle wave. The waveforms are not 'drawn with a ruler' accurate in shape, and that's a Good Thing, especially in the case of the triangle. This is one of the most usable, sonorous triangles I've heard this side of the Minimoog triangle wave, and just begs to soar in the high range with a bit of portamento and the filter digging in to it's harmonics.

PWM is available on both the square and sawtooth waveforms (on the sawtooth, it cuts a variable-sized hole in the middle of the ramp of the wave, creating rich sweeping harmonics.

The filter is sweet sounding, and in conjunction with the very nice overdrive dial, creates a wide range of sonic possibilities for a single osc synth. The filter also has a highpass mode, which is a generous addition.

The overall sound is very solid and professional. It sounds like a real monosynth, and lends a certain 'coolness' to the tracks I've used it in.

Overall, an unmissable freeware synth for cutting synth lines.
Reviewed By Daedalus [read all by] on 18th May 2004
Version reviewed: 2002 on Windows
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When I first download this synth I didn't think it would do any good compared to synths like the Superwave P8. But as it turned out, the Claw can create some nice lead and bass sounds, especially sreaming and acid-like ones. The Claw only has a few buttons and knobs, but they are easy to use and give you a lot of possibilitys. This is a synth I can recommend!
Reviewed By Jeremy_NSL [read all by] on 29th October 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by floyd on 30th October 2003.
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I've had Claw for awhile. At first I didn't see a monophonic 1-osc synth as very usable - but lately I've pulled it out on a few tracks and found that it sits in the mix well and doesn't sound cheap.

The GUI is very simple and looks good; this is a good synth to learn the basics of VA synthesis. Its very easy to dial up the tone you are looking for.

As I've said above, the sound is very good. There is a quite warm distortion that helps fatten the sound without sounding overly dirty. The delay is also a nice touch, especially for spacey leads. A stereo spreader is also a generous addition.

For me Claw's sound is more geared for leads than basses; 1-osc is sometimes just not enough for a nice bass. Of course, thats what the 4-osc Beast is for.

One thing claw is not is full-featured. It doesn't have an adsr env - so its not possible to create pads or anything without a fast attack. It also doesn't have the capability to change pitch-bend range. Since Claw is most useable for leads, its a shame there is no lfo for vibrato. And since the pitch-bend range is so high, you can't 'hack' vibrato in with automation very easily.

The docs are complete and explain everything you need to know, though you probably don't need them. Claw is also packaged with 32 presets which is more than enough for such a simple synth.

Claw has never crashed my system, or either of my hosts: Sonar 2 and Tracktion. Claw tends to use about 3-4% cpu per instance on my p4 2.1ghz, which is low - though considering its a 1-osc synth thats a higher % than I expected.

All in all, thanks ReFX for Claw! I recently bought Beast because Claw is such a nice "demo" freeware of Beasts' capabilities. I'd say more devs should release lite versions of their synths for free.
Reviewed By dreibel [read all by] on 30th September 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on unspecified OS
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Being pretty skint when it comes to affording plug-ins, it's neat that companies can release fully functional freeware as a taste of what their commercial products sound like - and reFX has something special with Claw.

It may be pretty basic in its synth architecture - it's only got one oscillator, and it's monophonic - but it's got some nice delay and distortion functions to fatten up the tone, and the gui features a nice retro knob look. And the basic sound is pretty warm for digital, with a nice high end for cutting through a mix.

But IMHO one thing that's really neat about Claw is how well it gets along with input from MIDI guitar signals - it even tracks better with my "ancient" Roland GM-70 than most hardware synths. If you're a guitar-head who wants to input synth lines with MIDI guitar in your compos, this VSTi is certainly one of the best tools to keep in your virtual kit
Reviewed By rsmus7 [read all by] on 1st March 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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The claw really got a claw on me or the other way round.
It´s not seen directly on the interface, but as you start to tweak it... Yeah you can get some really decent leadsounds and other stuff.

In the other reviews you can read the low cpu usage and that it is stable.

And it is really easy to operate, like a hardware piece of one unit height. Every knob´s function is easy to recognize.

SO it might appear as a one trick pony, yes but a very tricky one.
Reviewed By kritikon [read all by] on 28th February 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
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I thought there'd be more reviews of this one, which maybe shows how the 303 is going out of favour with the dance crew.

And that somes Claw up really - it is designed as a 303 clone. Does the world need more 303s? Well, if you like that sound, then short of actually shelling out and buying a real one, this is the next best thing. To my ears it is THE most realistic 303 plugin. I have Rebirth, and I now use Claw in preference (even though I don't use it that often - after all, you can't have a 303 in everything). I used to own a 303 way back when, so I know what they sound like - Claw gets that difficult to obtain lemon-sucking edge when on pulse wave and filter down, which is the real test of a 303 clone. It can sound very hollow but also has the true 18dB/Oct Curtis chip squelch.

A very useful addition is the hi-pass filter to obtain that hollow sound. Without it, Claw can be just a little too bassy. And that is actually a bonus - with one flick of a switch you get 303 squelches that sit ideally in a mix. A real 303 lost its bass end with the resonance up. You can do that with Claw too, but if you want to retain the bass content you can - and there aren't many true analogue synths that could achieve that particular trick.

I still own an MC202 (same circuits/filters as a 101) and Claw also does a very good 202 emulation when the resonance is further down. So it's alot more than a one trick pony - sure, it's aimed squarely at the techno dance-heads; but that just shows how ReFX got it right again - they give (for free!) one of the best 303s AND the best 202, all in one package.

There is midi automation, a good set of presets to start you off, and it is very easy to use. Very little CPU useage also. Stable as a rock bolted to the ground.

It won't do pads, it's not polyphonic, but so what - if you do dance, you NEED Claw, and that's what Claw sets out to give. And it does with bells on.

Top marks to ReFX again.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on 2nd December 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by warbug on 3rd November 2003.
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well to be honest i had originally DLed this just becauase it was free. a few months later i found myself using it in alot of my songs. its very good on CPU usage and it does not sound that bad for leads. the built in delay is also a nice touch. i have never had a problem with it crashing while other sequnces are going.

claw was used in cubase 5.0
p4@1.5GHz with 512 rambus
and a motu 828

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